About Me – Embracing Life and Love

My name is Brenda Miller and I write about life and the world that I live in. I have a son and two adorable grandchildren. I embrace love and laughter in my life. I choose to be joyful, inspirational and encouraging in a world that is often filled with hate and intolerance of others.

I grew up during the Vietnam war, Woodstock, women burning their bra’s and the murders of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. It was a frightening time for a young girl, and yet today seems even more challenging, with children bullying each other. People are absorbed with social media while they turn away from their family. And so many people hate others who are not just like them.

How is it that 50 years did not advance our kindness and acceptance of others? We need to live more fully, laugh more deeply and learn to love others without prejudice and distrust.

Please follow my blog to enjoy and share stories of random acts of kindness, the generosity of people and the power of love and happiness in our lives.