Fishing…It’s Good for Your Soul!

There is only one reason why someone would get up at the crack of dawn to go fishing for all those fish that they won’t eat. Well maybe two reasons. One, they are crazy. Two, they are in love. Guess which category I fall into?

My honey loves to go fishing. He enjoys the very early mornings when the fish are ready to take a bite of those big, juicy night crawlers. A tiny styrofoam cup of worms from Walmart costs more than my favorite fish sandwich. But who am I to define what makes someone happy.

I used to fish when I was growing up when my dad would put the bait on the hook and take off the fish. But that somehow got pushed to the back of my to-do list over the years and it wasn’t until last fall that I decided to take my grandkids fishing one weekend. They fell in love with their Spiderman and Frozen rod & reel sets and they are “hooked” for now.

I met a wonderful guy that grew up fishing every day possible in his backyard pond far away in Ohio. Now he loves to fish from a small rowboat in a senior community in Arizona. He still has as much or more fun than when he was 40 years younger.

There is something so serene and indescribable about those early morning hours, whether I am watching my grandkids cast out over the sparkling water, over and over again. Or watching my enthusiastic, smiling boyfriend, reeling in the “big one” at 6 am in the morning.

We all are kids at heart when we return to things we loved to do so many years ago, before we grew up into hard-working, no time-to-play grownups.

Stop working like crazy and become a kid again. It’s good for your heart and soul. Grab someone you love and rent a rowboat. Feel the breeze on your skin and reel in that big one before you forget how to play.

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