So God Made a Grandchild


My Grandkids


This poem is dedicated to my son Jason and my precious grandchildren, Maggie and Aden, who bring joy to my heart and soul.  The inspiration behind this story is from the famous Paul Harvey poem written in 1978, “So God Made a Farmer” and another popular poem called “So God Made a Dog.” Merry Christmas Everyone!


God knew that the world would need more laughter and bliss to fill the lives of once busy people whose now empty arms were anxious to hug and to hold.

So God made a grandchild.

A precious baby bringing joy to everyone hugging and kissing and gazing into the bright little eyes. Lives changing with the first little glimpse of the tiny sleeping infant. The Nana’s and Paw Paw’s, the Mamaw’s and Gramp’s, and the Nonni’s and Pop Pop’s dreaming of the days to come, feeling young, no longer old.

So God made a grandchild.

A sweet little child to cherish and love fiercely, to hold tight and protect, to sing to and rock asleep. To feed and to change diapers, and then start all over again, never caring about the ups and downs all through the night. This small little body snuggled up close, the pure innocence of life filling their world, with them already excited about the very next time.

So God made a grandchild.

To bath gently and wrap up in a soft towel, holding them tight and making them warm, their hair smelling of soap and powder and all things good. These tiny innocent children, shivering up against the warm body of their protector. The problems of the world swirling away, holding on tight to these little ones, while softly singing sweet songs of rhyme.

So God made a grandchild.

Watching them grow up, learning to stand, then crawl, then walk and then run. They sit in the very same red wagon that your child once rode in, then a tricycle, a bike with training wheels, roller skates and a skateboard, racing away with the wind blowing through their hair. The years swiftly go by as this small child crawls up to cuddle and sit on your lap one day, and then speeds quickly away from you the next.

So God made a grandchild.

To see the wonders of the world through their eyes, climbing a tree, swinging high into the sky, smelling a flower, and staring deep into a crinkled leaf. Asking why does it snow, how does a plane fly, taking a car or a truck apart and putting it back together again with the help of Paw Paw. To teach them a song or a story, how to frost cookies like an artist, or to swim like a fish. To read them stories before they fall asleep and kiss their sweet little faces as they drift off to pleasant dreams. Going back again and again to make sure they are asleep, just one more little check.

So God made a grandchild.

To add endless love and hope and joy into grandparent’s lives, dreaming of all the fun they have each time they are together. To watch hopelessly as they fall down and to rush to help them get up, to cry and to laugh, to hike and to bike, and to explore and learn. To see through their eyes, open wide to all the possibilities that life still holds.

So God made a grandchild.

The gift of a new purpose from God, something so needed at this point in life. No more careers to worry about, with smaller homes to take care of, and fewer things to want or need. There is now more time, like never before, to be with this little one, these children who bring joy to your heart and soul and make you feel young once again. You make picnics and go to the park, slide down the curly slides and fly high on the swings. You ride a new bike and race with them down the street, ready to face life, all brave and bold.

So God made a grandchild.

A multitude of grandchildren enlighten our world, as unique and beautiful as every single snowflake that falls from the sky. Each child with their eyes full of wonder and mischievous grins, their small arms reaching out with priceless hugs, melting away the aches and pains. The world needs one more special song to hear at night, long after this child is back at home far away.

So God made a grandchild.

This serenade of life is pure bliss, to watch grandchildren grow, bringing joy and laughter and an indescribable love that is even more precious now, as time drifts away and the days get shorter. How comforting to know they are in loving hands that will guide them and love them and show them the way.

So God made a grandchild.

This blessed circle of life in the very hands that were once held tightly when they were small. That sweet little face that looked up with love and trust and never ending questions about the world they would soon conquer. A world full of laughter and tears, winning and losing, joy and sorrow, success and failure, and life and death. A world that is sometimes filled with crying, softly into the night, unable to face the next morning. Then life is blessed all over again with love and hope when those small but mighty arms hold on tight the next day.

Thank God for all the grandchildren around the world.

May God’s peace and love be with you as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with your family.



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