Make it a Great Day!

We listen to three devotionals every day, and they always seem to be written just for me. My sweetie feels the same way. We sit across the kitchen island, quietly listening, smiling and nodding in agreement with the speaker.

Today’s message caught my attention, and was from Ron Carpenter, a pastor out of the Bay Area in California. He started out with a suggestion to not just go through the day, but rather to make it a great day….every single day. Not just hope for it…..make it happen.

My boyfriend and I are in a new relationship of only two months. But what a crazy two months it has been. Steve helped me move into a two story house, get the old house ready for an AirBnB rental during the Christmas season, helped me move into a new office, went Christmas shopping, wrapping, cooking and entertaining.

A week later he held me hand and let me cry while I held a long overdue memorial service for my son, and the next day Steve saved my life. We rushed from urgent care to the ER, where I was told by the chief of surgery, that I was days away from certain death. My body was filled with infection in two major organs and inflammation was running rampant from one side to the other.

He dutifully visited every day for a week, then took care of me at home for a few days, then back for the triple star surgery, I still feel like a mac truck took a detour in my gut.

So what’s my point? We have been arguing the last few days. I despise it. He wants to walk away….only for a few minutes until he is hugging and kissing me once again. How can we fight about nonsense stuff after all we have been through?

After a rocky start this morning, we decided to dig deep on both of our issues. We also decided to make it a great day.

It ended up being THE GREATEST DAY EVER! We stopped thinking about how people had hurt us in the past…that we are not like each other’s ex-whatever’s. We focused on what we love about each other…his big blue eyes and kind and loving heart….my battered and bruised body that reminds us how close I came to dying, and my kind and loving heart.

Lesson for the day….keep the past in the past…stop focusing on the tiny things that irritate you and MAKE IT THE BEST DAY of your life.

It works. Try it yourself. You will find an all new you, ready to love and work together, no grudges, no hurt feelings, and no looking in the rear view mirror.

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