Relationship 101

What makes a great relationship even better? Act like you did when you were kids. Bickering one moment and hugging the next. Setting play dates. Taking turns on the swings. Finding something you each love to do. Not caring if the other one has wild and crazy hair today, or mismatched socks.

You are two different people who have somehow come together in this entire universe of craziness and found each other. How is that even possible? Why would you take this unbelievable opportunity and throw it away?

Here are a few key tools that will assure life-long happiness in a relationship.

Be able to accept each other as is. Love that thinning hair and round tummy, the bags under your eyes and not so firm thighs. None of us have the perfect bodies shown on TV or in the movies.

Take turns. When one of you compliments the other one, let it soak in a moment, then share something kind back. “You look nice today Honey,” and respond back with “I like your hair today.”

Be supportive and eliminate negativity. Show your partner that you believe in them, support their decisions and never throw out daggers of “I told you so.” The ultimate kiss of death in a relationship.

Look on the bright side. When your partner is ill or depressed about something, listen and feel their pain. Then gently try to reframe the situation and focus on something to look forward to.

Just listen. Don’t say a word. Just listen. Hold them in your arms until they feel safe and loved. The simplest thing to do in life is to hug someone, and yet we stop doing that over time.

Forgive. We all make mistakes. We all screw up and hurt each other. As they say, “hurting people hurt.” Stop the hurting by just saying I’m sorry and the other one should respond back with “I forgive you.” Just like those two bickering kids on the playground.

Unconditional love. Hold off on your needs and wants at times. Listen to what they need at the moment. Maybe they need help on a new business project, and you want to listen to some new music. Stop and help them, listen to their thoughts and concerns and dreams. Making them the center of your universe will mean so much in the long run.

All any of us want is love. And a friend. And someone to have fun with in life. Play like there is no tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised.

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