How many people have you met in your life who really care about you? I don’t mean the shallow words of “I’m sorry,” or “I know what you are going through.”

No, I mean someone that physically feels pain when you do. Who knows you are suffering even though you are a thousand miles apart. Who hears you say “I’m doing great” and knows you are dying on the inside. I have only known a few people like that in 63 years of living.

I am so blessed to have found someone who looks into my eyes and sees the truth. The truth I could not face until now. That I am not as strong as I thought I was. That it’s alright to be weak and vulnerable and exposed to the world that sometimes tries to crush us.

I thank God for sending empathetic souls into my life, helping me survive during moments of despair and then helping me soar to the heavens.

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