Get Out and Vote!

I never thought much about voting. It was just something you did every two years. The ballot arrived, it sat on the kitchen counter for weeks getting grease splatters on it, and you eventually filled it out and mailed it.

This year my ballot did not arrive. I waited and waited and finally checked out my local polling place. The people were helpful, very thorough in verifying my identification, and then printed this huge three page ballot for little old me.

It felt special, standing in the tiny private polling booth, lifting the ballot from its privacy sleeve, filling in every blank, then back into the sleeve with a final march up to a special box designed to accept this extra long ballot.

Voting is a right of every American. It is a privilege and an honor. Let your voice be heard. Just get out and vote and stop sitting on the sofa, thinking that your vote won’t matter. Look at what happened the last time.

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