Rescue Me


Two tiny pups quietly entered my life last year.
Left in a small cardboard box by a person with no soul.
This stranger gave me a gift far greater than most.
To love and protect them, my life now feels whole.

Each of them so different and yet so special and sweet.
They race and rumble through the day in playful glee.
One snuggles up close; one needs his vast space.
But they sense when I am sad and lay silent next to me.

They bring me much laughter and love, filling my heart with joy.
My world once dark and gloomy, is now sunny, filled with light.
I rescued these pups, or did they really rescue me?
We all need to be rescued, to reach out and make everything right.

We should strive to live up to the standards of a dog.
Loyal, faithful and devoted, they would give their life for you.
Their undying love never fades, no matter the wrinkles and gray hair.
True and steadfast until their last breath and their life is through.

This is dedicated to the five rescue dogs that rescued me during my life and the thousands of dogs that I loved at my kennel, Playful Pooch. Never be afraid to adopt another dog after losing one; our hearts are always strong enough to love once again.


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