Day Two in a New Year


2018 Resolutions

Truthfully, how many of you made resolutions this year? Eat healthy food, try the KETO diet or the Whole Diet, stop smoking, drink less, stop working too much, be happy, stop this, and start this? So many great ideas and so hard to stick with longer than a week or two, right?


I have resolved to write every day about how to survive a gray divorce or any divorce for that matter. This new catchy phrase is a divorce that happens after many years of marriage when you are 60 plus years of age. Believe me, there will be more to come about that in the weeks to come!

I think there are many people out there who have no clue as to how to survive, just like me, so I have made a list of resolutions to help all of us, even if you are not getting a divorce. I have found out that it boils down to finding a few simple ways to change your life for the better that will last beyond the typical few weeks. You may have reservations about making resolutions; I certainly did after this last year. However, I want to share the ones I have already been working on for months and will continue to strive for during this year.

Read the Bible daily or your own choice of daily devotion. We need to renew and refresh our minds every day, and a daily dose of inspiration and faith will help us focus on finding happiness this year.

Dedicate time for meditation and prayer, being quiet for a few minutes in the beginning and the end of sometimes arduous days will help clear the crazy thoughts clouding our minds and keep us confused about the direction we need to be going.

Find a church community to be a part of and meet new friends. We can never have too many friends in our lives. These new friends will counsel you when you are facing struggles, perhaps provide guidance with different parts of your life, and will often loan you a shoulder to lean.

Help more people. You will hear me say this a million times, that when you help someone in need, you will receive endless joy in your life. It is the only gift you can give that no one will ever return.

Drop your bad habits. You know the ones, the ones I have reminders about on my phone every day, twice a day. “Do not eat sweets,” “Do not be so helpless,” “Stop eating too many carbs.” Start new good habits like “Go Swimming,” “Walk the dogs even if it’s cold,” Cook healthier meals,” “Find an organization that needs my help.” Guess what? I actually have most of these done today.  It’s Day Two of a New Year and I am winning!

So now it is your turn to share your resolutions with us. Come along, join this blog and share! It doesn’t cost a thing, just a few minutes of a life worth living.

Resolutions become a reality, when we turn our lives over to God, who makes it all possible and truly makes all things new once again.



  1. I’d not encountered the term gray divorce before. I can see that it would be much harder later in life, and after a longer time together, to readjust and re-enter the world in a new role. Much of your advice sounds wise in thsi respect

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  2. God bless you in 2018! I have never been married and so haven’t experienced divorce! But I wish all the best for you as you recover from it. I, too, am a Christian blogger. I have written a new post about how to get the most out of each day by living for God in the little things. It may be interesting to you. Feel free to take a look!


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