Be the Change

grace of godToday is the last day of 2017, and it is the perfect time to reflect on what you did to make a difference in someone’s life. Or did you? Was it only the same routine that makes up our daily life or did you change the world in some small way? How can we start fresh and be the change the world needs so much?

I am not sure we think about others as we crawl out of bed each morning. My mornings have been like a roller coaster the last six months. Some days, I have clarity and vision and hope for helping others, of finding a way to serve God for His glory, not mine. Other days I mope around, feeling sorry for myself, in a fog that will not clear. Take the pups out for the fourth time and crawl back into bed, hoping sleep will wash away my sadness and loss.

We each have a cross to bear, struggles to overcome, illness, death and sometimes even divorce after many years. Some days we are buried in the dark shadows of the valley, and other days we are standing tall in the grace of God. So how do we find contentment, more than just happiness? That deep comforting feeling of completeness in our souls that we have searched for all of our lives. By helping others, just as Jesus did during his short life here on earth. Just watch for people who need help, and reach out to them in simple acts of kindness.

This is my wish for all of you in the new year. I hope that each of you will make a small change, a gesture of much-needed generosity in a world full of tax-breaks, escalating stock markets, and vast financial opportunities for many, and yet poverty that pervades in our country and throughout the world. Lives full of inequalities unless we each make a small change.

Changing someone’s life will change yours as well. Look beyond your needs with wide-open eyes. Make a difference in an indifferent world.

  • That $5 Starbucks coffee will not make your life better, but it will help someone who is standing out in the cold.
  • Find a church that helps a community and be a part of their outreach to the elderly, the disabled, or a family struggling to feed and clothe their children.
  • Give to your church, a school or an organization close to your heart and get involved with their programs. Just writing a check is not enough to change anything.
  • Watch for small ways to help others. They are there in front of us every day, but we choose to look away, uncaring and unconcerned about others who are suffering.
  • Serve your neighbor. Serve your country. Serve the world. Serve your God. Do not accept intolerance or listen to the messages of difference and hate and inequality of others. Let’s work together to bring balance to our communities, by caring for others.

Be a part of the change that we all need in this new year. Finally, a resolution worth keeping for once. A world filled with the grace of God shared by each of us.


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