A Bridge of Human Decency


A frosty Colorado morning

The frigid mist swirled through the air, drifting down from the mountains late last night.
The sky was gray-blue and the world was still quiet, asleep under covers of warmth before light.
This fog was wrapping its arms around each tree and shrub, weaving a brilliant white blanket of ice.
Every twig and branch was covered with a crystal coating, beautiful diamonds soaring to great heights.


The scene almost took my breath away; it was so still with no dogs on a walk and no birds trilling in song.
With no news yet of any concerns, of hate or discord, this cold early morning where nothing was wrong.
This brief moment in time when the world stopped spinning, everything frigid and icy and yet so utterly right.
How blessed to catch a glimpse of this brilliant crystal wonderland in the early light.

The sun came out quickly, melting away this fairytale vision; it vanished right before my eyes.
Life broke free from this icy cocoon, now awake and bustling under the bright morning sky.
Was this just a dream, to stop time for a minute, that was swirling and dancing around in the air?
A vision of a new place shimmering with goodness and kindness where all people would share?

In a world filled with intolerance and hate for anyone who may be different in some form.
We must understand that we are the same as every other person on earth, from the day we are born.
Our religion, the color of our skin, and our gender should not matter, we were all put on this earth for the very same reason.
We must build a bridge of human decency in this world of indifference, to show love for everyone in every passing season.

There are choices in life that come along every minute and the many decisions that are made along the way.
Do we reach out to help someone in need or are we afraid or don’t care, so we just turn away?
The joy experienced from helping others is hard to describe, to one who has never given from their heart.
But each day is a new chance to live fully in the service of others, with a small gesture of kindness just to start.

The world can be icy cold and unfeeling if we think only of ourselves and our needs.
We must walk in the shoes of others to experience what they are going through and start planting seeds.
Seeds of hope and compassion to cultivate and share with others, not anger and hate that bring nothing but strife.
To accept everyone with empathy and understanding, so we all may experience the full grace and hope of life.



  1. I totally agree with what you have posted here. I love your tagline as well, embracing life and love. Certainly, we have to embrace life no matter what it brings us. Amidst living in a chaotic world, we still have a choice to be happy. Life is what we make it. Continue writing and continue to inspire others like me.

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  2. Such a beautiful post I came across… Love these lines from your post “We must build a bridge of human decency in this world of indifference, to show love for everyone in every passing season” … I really appreciate your work Brenda… Happy New year 🙂

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