Prayer, Care and Share

IMG_1358Today my church had a guest speaker, Greg Stier who is the founder of Dare 2 Share, a dynamic youth ministry program that encourages students to share the word of God with other students.

Greg is a dynamic speaker who shared his passion with our Foothills Community Church in Arvada, Colorado. I felt like he had a direct feed from God whispering into his ear during the entire service and his energy was contagious.

Greg is not content with faint-hearted people who come to church on Sunday and then put their religion on the shelf during the week until the following Sunday. He wants everyone to wear their faith and love for God proudly, every moment of the day, never afraid to reach out to someone in need of salvation.

He shared stories of his early years of ministry, always wanting to tell his story with others but was afraid to step over that invisible line of “when and where is it acceptable to share a testimony.” One day he entered the restaurant where he sat many days working on his sermons and he noticed that his usual server was missing. The staff  were acting strange and his server was in tears. The night before, the woman that he had wanted to talk with for years about salvation, had killed herself. He had never opened up with her and he was heartbroken that he had lost his chance to speak out about God.

Right then I knew that he was speaking to all of us who believe in God and are faithful followers, that we should all “Dare 2 Share” and not be afraid of offending someone. We all need to pray to God and ask him how we can help other people and listen to their stories of pain and worry. We need to then care for them, those who we know and love, and total strangers in our community and around the world. And most importantly, we need to share the word of God with people who are seeking salvation.

Redemption is too powerful a message to keep hidden away during the week. Treat each day like it’s Sunday and you are sitting in church listening to a powerful message from God. He has a direct feed to each of us all day long, if we just listen to Him.

Prayer, care, share. Three simple but mighty words to live by.


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