To Speak or Not to Speak

My class in 21st Century Literacy Information just ended and it turned everything I ever knew about life upside down. It was a class in communication and taught me how to improve my research as well as strengthening my writing skills. Everything that is beneficial for both my scholastic success as well as improving my blogs.

But the most interesting topic centered around how we listen to one another especially in this digital age of not really speaking directly for fear of getting too attached to care. The commitment for a two-way honest conversation does not exist in the texting and tweeting world. Our President’s love affair with Twitter is a perfect example of that. He practically can start a war with his thoughtless tweets that he throws out in the middle of the night, only to frighten the world and the economic markets as a result. 

Office relationships are changing dramatically as everyone works from home or a coffee house, far different from the cubes everyone used to crawl into every day. No one connects over lunch, discussing their home life or kids or a favorite recipe. The virtual office has created a wasteland of once happy employee break rooms.  Respect for one another has faded as the need for workplace efficiency has grown.

Interpersonal relationships suffer in the same way, As a spouse spends more and more of their day and night focused on social media sites, they have less desire to spend quality time with their spouse. The other spouse feels neglected and unloved, as if they have been cheated on. In fact, 81% of divorce attorneys cite Facebook as one of the reasons of a divorce.

What causes these issues? More time is spent typing on tiny little keyboards instead of picking up the phone to say hello. A pretty simple thing we used to do all throughout the day and yet now we refuse to do it at all. Picking up the phone or stopping by to visit, takes commitment and a responsibility to listen to one another. Something we were once willing to do but no longer have any interest in doing.

As an article I recently read while getting my oil changed said, “Just pick up the damn phone.” Let’s all learn how to speak to each other again like the “good old days.” Put down that little keyboard, be brave and dial someone’s number to actually speak to them for a change.


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