As most of you know, I recently returned to college at Grand Canyon University, one of the proud Freshman either roaming around their beautiful new campus or sitting in front of their computer in any part of the world. There are almost 100,000 of us aspiring “young” students seeking knowledge from the well of life and GCU.

Brian Mueller and his merry band of academicians decided to save the failing Christian college back in 2004. They took it public and began their amazing visionary path towards one common goal; to provide quality education in a safe environment for all students regardless of their financial needs. The University is successful in every manner of measurement. The campus is full of new and shining buildings, world-class sports facilities and amazing staff that love their place of employment so much that almost everyone there donates money back to GCU out of their paycheck.

Brian is never satisfied with status quo. He and his team developed the “Students Inspiring Students” program a number of years ago and it is simply amazing. High school students from around the valley are invited to utilize not only the library on campus but they are provided with a mentor who will help guide them for the next few years, helping them improve their GPA scores from .8 to 3.5.

If these students are successful and graduate from high school with that 3.5 GPA and are recommended by their mentor, they receive a full four year scholarship. The only catch? These new students have to give back their time and love as a mentor to the next round of high school students, these future GCU graduates.

I recently had my picture taken for my GCU student pass. A few young girls were snickering nearby. I kind of chuckled myself but I knew that I have experienced a lot more out of life than they have at 18. I have had plenty of sorrow almost consume me. But just like I did this weekend when I fell off my new turquoise bike, I get right up, look around to see who is watching me, shrug off the embarrassment and get right back on. It may take a few days to figure out how to make my handlebars tighter. It may take me a few days to figure out how to write a thesis.

But I am a persistent learner. I will always return to the well of life, looking for questions that I can research the answers for. Never willing to stop learning for a moment. Someday my great-grandchild will be reading me a book about something new when I take my last breath. It will be so glorious to share it with my loved ones in Heaven.




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