Righteous Defenders

I have two tiny pups that are brother and sister and someone abandoned them in a cardboard box at only four weeks of age. They adore each other. The little boy could not breath without his sister around. The little girl cuddles with him and runs through the house wanting to play. They are adorable to watch at only 7 and 11 pounds.

There are two triggers with Roxie. Treats and toys. She will fight for her “stuff” until I step in and break it up. Oscar could care less, he believes in “Make love, not war.” My philosophy in a nut shell. I am an advocate for other people but never a fighter. I walk away just like my dad always did with my mom. He once threw the keys down in the middle of a restaurant and started walking home. Twenty miles away. He said in the beginning of their relationship that there would be no fights and he meant every minute of it! He was a man of his words, filled with truth and honesty. I inherited those same qualities and everything else he instilled in me. He was my first Righteous Defender on earth and continues to whisper in my ear from Heaven.

Anyone that didn’t truly know my little Roxie would think she is a “Bad Mama Jama” with her treat guarding and snapping and snarling when she is tired. In fact my step-dad said that I should throw her away, get rid of her, good riddance and so on. Poor little misunderstood puppy. I decided that maybe I should toss out that crabby step-dad instead!!

Roxie is a defender of mine. She guards me with her mighty weight of 6.8 pounds. I thought she snuggled up close because she was scared. Nope. She lays next to me to protect me from my loneliness at night. She watches my every move and is by my side night and day. Oscar meanders around, doing his sweet and lovely thing of just being Oscar. Roxie has a job. To watch over me from way down below my knees during the day and by my side at night.

These pups were a gift from God. They brought back the joy in my life. I started writing again. My creativity returned. The Holy Spirit woke me up and is guiding my life away from all the pain and suffering. Away from a marriage that was built on lies and deception from the first hour of our relationship. Towards a life of joy and hope and a way to spread God’s word.

I am a partner of God, a disciple of His truth and honesty. He is my Righteous Defender who has watched over my life since I was born. He was there when I lost my first baby, then again when my precious Jason was born, then again when my poor baby Justin was born without a future. He has held me up in all phases of my life, both the good times and bad.

He has led me to two amazing churches in Phoenix and Denver and I am truly blessed to be members of both. He has led me to Grand Canyon University where I will someday walk across the stage receiving my PhD in Theology. He has led me to a wonderful group of ministries through WaterStone, a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs that provides assistance to ministries all over the world. He has loved me and healed my heart from the sorrows of life, all at the hands of my very own family.

I have a Righteous Defender in Heaven and on earth. Little Roxie will help God, guarding me through the night so I am no longer lonely. I feel safe and loved next to her tiny little body with Oscar laying nearby. My gifts from God are worth far more than my earthly belongings. My world is full of love thanks to the Holy Trinity, my son and his loving wife, my precious grandchildren, my faithful pups and all of the amazing people that I meet every day. I need nothing else in my life to be fulfilled. I have overcome the negativity of those people who should have protected me and believed in me.

I have a purpose in life and God will defend and guide me along my path. A path filled with sharing His word with others and telling them all about His goodness and mercy. Thank you God for saving my life.


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