The Comeback

There is a new song out called “The Comeback” from Danny Gokey. He was that cute young boy with the fabulous voice who won third place on America Idol about eight years ago. The booming voice came out of the mouth of the youngest contestant and years later he still gives me chills when I hear him sing.

I have tried to memorize the words, just like a long time ago when I was in high school and rarely spoke to anyone. I was shy and the only “voice” I had was through song and I loved being part of my churches youth choir.

Unlike in those years, I can just look up the lyrics on the internet instead of playing the record a million times to get the words.  Here are a few of the lines. Be sure and listen to it as it rises in the top 10 on Billboard Christian Rock.

Lyrics by Danny Gokey-

Just when you think there’s nothing left, running on empty
Here comes the comeback.
This is your time, your moment
You’ve come so far, keep going.
Oh here comes a comeback.

You feel the lightening, the thunder, your soul shakes.
Under the roar of the heaven, the tide breaks.
And from the ashes you will take your place.
Here comes the comeback.

This is your moment.
The fire, the fight, you’re golden.
You’ve come so far, keep going.
Here comes the comback.

I have loved music forever, but especially after joining that youth choir in a church filled with my life-long friends. I soon was so in love with the music, that I passed out once during a concert at a church we were visiting. It wasn’t the heat or excitement, it was the Holy Spirit entering my body. I ignored him for years, too caught up in the peaks and valleys of life.

But the Holy Spirit never leaves you, we just put on noise-cancelling headphones and we stop listening somehow. Life literally gets in our way of truly enjoying a fulfilled life complete with unstoppable love for the Trinity, each part guiding us at different times of our lives.

My life has been full of challenges with hundreds of pounds up and down the scale punishing my body. There have been 15 moves along the way, the losses of my adored Dad, precious Grandma or my “real Mom”, my youngest son after 29 years of living with a two-month old brain, and three rescue dogs. Now I am going through another change in my life, but things are different now. I took off those noise-cancelling headphones and am listening loud and clear to my Holy Spirit. That’s right. My own personal Holy Spirit who knows all about my sins and still loves me wholly and unconditionally. I am saved and pure as a new born. Well, I am always saved but some days I am not so pure. I still sin every day even though I really work hard not to.

I’ve had my own comeback and “I have gone through the fire and fight and I am golden. I have come so far and I will keep going.”  Thanks to Danny Gokey for the inspiration of this post.

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