E-Words Destroy

Twitter has become the most controversial way to communicate in the past few years since Trump decided to use it as his platform. He posts his latest comments with little regard as to how other world leaders will react or how “We the people” feel about his latest blunder. Each time that I hear we are going to go to war with Russia, North Korea and now Afghanistan, I get ready to lose more in my IRA’s. I can’t even remember the last time I actually heard a dignified comment come from his Twitter account.

I have been going through some personal issues the last two years with my soon to be ex-husband. During each of our separations, he decides that the only way to communicate with me is through texting, no phone calls allowed. I always fight that method as it takes away any semblance of personal feelings or emotions which is exactly how he likes it, cold and detached.

It is so frustrating for me as I think hearing the other persons voice or seeing their face is a critical part of communicating and expressing feelings and concerns. But texting becomes robotic and cold and cruel at some point. This preferred way of communication explains why we have had issues off and on during our entire marriage. This is why now it is finally over after trying four different times to get back together after he would decide to turn his back and walk away time and time again.

Communication is not simply throwing out words with little regard to how the audience will interpret the message. Thoughtful communication requires empathy and emotion for the recipient, not just a jumble of words thrown out of your head like a child having a temper tantrum when reacting to an incident in the playground.

I hope that my president begins to be more cautious with his tweets so I don’t have to cringe each time he threatens some other country and world leader with empty threats. I solved my texting problem with my husband. I blocked any type of written communication with him on my I-phone. I decided that he needs to grow up and use his “nice” words like an adult. He needs to speak to me face-to-face like people normally do when they want to resolve and negotiate issues. Just like my president.

Heartless and humanless electronic words kill relationships and kill people. Too bad we can’t just block Trump’s tweets.



  1. Brenda I agree. I like face to face or a phone call. I hope you get everything worked out with Will. Let me know when you’re coming to Carbondale. Tell your Mom hello. I will check this page now that I know how! Craig.


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