Education Liberation

Children are often denied a view of the world beyond their own backyard by the radical leaders of their country. These leaders know that knowledge will open their eyes to a different more hopeful life that is possible for them.

There is absolute no difference to what happens to the young people in North Korea, the Middle East, the young man who plowed his car into the crowd in Charlottesville, or what causes the violence in Chicago’s drug-filled ghettos. Lack of education and knowledge creates racism, hate and intolerance.

People are often educationally oppressed because their leaders keep them trapped in their own environs, whether through no possible access to the world such as in this story, or through lack of funding, tutors or mentors in the U.S. The key missing element is access to a computer and the internet which literally opens your eyes to the world and all the many ways to improve your life and how to escape the confines of your miserable lives.  As responsible citizens, we must reach out to young people in our own communities and around the world to find ways to provide more access to the freedom we take for granted.

Even in our nation, there are huge disparities between the quality of educational programs and funding from one community to another. All of us have old computers sitting in the basement or closet that could be donated to schools and community centers to help provide knowledge, growth and a chance for happiness. Many young kids right here in our country are kept from learning about all the global differences and similarities.

We are all born with exactly the same abilities and knowledge, a blank canvas ready to be painted on.  However, our success in life is pre-determined by what we are exposed to through our education, environment and what our leaders, including parents, teachers, religious leaders, and elected officials decide is critical to our advancement in society.

There are children in our country who are oppressed in the same way that this young woman describes in this video. The proposed changes in the federal funding of education through vouchers will only increase the inequities of education provided to a child living in an affluent neighborhood in Denver to a child living in a Chicago ghetto. Rather than bringing the military in to sweep out the drug violence in Chicago, we need to organize community mentoring groups to help liberate our children. We need to bring in computers, the internet and tutors to mentor one child at a time. That is the only way to stem violence and shrink our welfare rolls.

Military presence is not the answer in North Korea, the Middle East and especially here in the United States. Education liberation is the key to personal growth and success for all global citizens.


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