True Friends

Relationships are difficult, whether between your co-workers, friends and neighbors, parents and children of all ages and especially between spouses no matter how long you’ve been married. I heard a great message on Sunday about the value of true and honest friendships. Good friends are always there for you even if you don’t talk for long periods of time. They stand with you during the good times and the bad, offering a cup of tea and sitting quietly by your side.

They lift you up and make you feel like you can soar like an Eagle, able to accomplish everything in life.  They tell you when you are off-base and completely wrong about something. They do not judge you. They love you and accept you the way you are, not wanting you to change a thing.

Statistics show that most marriages end because they were never based on that type of true friendship. Once that “new-car-driving-off-the-car-lot” feeling has wained, little cracks start popping up here and there. If the relationship isn’t based on equal respect, friendship, intimacy and common likes, there is no strong foundation to support the marriage. It’s like building a roller coaster without anchoring it deep into the concrete. A few strong winds of discontent come along and the relationship crumbles to the ground. A marriage isn’t like a business partnership of working together side-by-side. Partnerships lack the intimacy and the love of each other’s intricacies that bonds a couple together.

I am so grateful for the few wonderful true friendships that I have in my life and wish that I had worked harder to develop that same type of relationship in my marriage.



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