Lazy Crazy Saturdays

It’s early Saturday morning and everyone is out walking their dogs, enjoying the cool summer air after an overnight rain. I’ve already walked the pups and painted a drab colorless sunburst that has been hanging on the side of my house for three summers.

My great-niece started painting it a few days ago and after she went back home, I just looked at it for a few days, not able to figure out what I wasn’t crazy about. I had given her some soft mellow colors the color of lime, orange and lemon sherbet. I decided to re-paint it with more brilliant colors.

Why go through life all dull and drab, laying around being a couch potato. Open up your windows and let the sun shine in and enjoy the brilliance of God’s gift of nature and beauty.

It’s certainly not drab anymore! Enjoy this beautiful summer day by getting out for a walk or bike ride or hike.  I’m going for a bike ride after I paint my bike turquoise. Maybe I should just add a basket of colorful flowers and streamers to my bike to match my granddaughter’s!

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