Manic Mondays

We are back in Denver enjoying the much cooler weather here.  It’s 60 degrees right now, too cool to sit on our patio this early in the morning.  After living under a broiler the last month in Phoenix, this is complete bliss.

I’m in the nesting mode and have already been to multiple stores, making small changes to the inside and outside of our home. We’ve lived here 2 1/2 years off and on between our stays in Phoenix for months at a time, but it really feels like home this time.

Our grandkids are old enough to ask specific things like when Aden asked quietly on Saturday, “Nana, are you going back to Arizona again?” I responded, “Not for a long time.” He looks at me with those big blue eyes and says, “How long Nana? Will you be here for Christmas?” I answered, “I’ll stay until the snow starts piling up in January.”

They won’t miss me as much by then, after the holidays are over and it’s back to school. Besides, they love coming down for visits to sunny warm Phoenix in February, when it’s cold and snowy in Denver.

Today, I’m off to Walmart to buy flowers for the green but flowerless yard, and a patio table to have picnics on with the grandkids. Then the Dollar Store for pool toys, then pack up a picnic and off to the pool we go. Later in the week is miniature golf and more swimming at The Bay, a community pool complete with curly-Q slides.

I love going to Summer Camp with my grandkids and I adore them even more!

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