How Papa John’s Pizza Led to Yale

Want to get into Yale? Write about Papa John’s in your application package. A graduating senior from Tennessee wrote a 200 word college essay as part of her application. Along with a very strong GPA, community involvement and a member of the National Honors Society, Carolina Williams decided to share her feelings about the popular pizza chain and her love of cheesy goodness in her application.

She wrote, “It smells like celebration, as I love to rejoice in a happy occasion by calling Papa John’s for my favorite food. It tastes like comfort, since having my food delivered to my quiet home is a way for me to unwind. When the delivery person rings my doorbell, I morph into one of Pavlov’s dogs, salivating to the sound that signals the arrival of that cheesy, circular glory.”

Carolina encouraged other college bound students to take a risk and do something different in their applications. It certainly caught the attention of the admissions officer who replied to her application, “As a fellow pizza lover, I laughed out loud, then ordered a pizza, after reading your application.”

What chance are you going to take today?

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