Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has those dirty little secrets hidden away deep inside our souls. It might be something you did as a child or young adult that was exciting but wrong and you just never told anyone. Maybe it as innocent as breaking curfew a few times and getting away with it. It didn’t hurt anyone so why tell on yourself? For some people the mere thought of hiding something is overwhelming and not remotely possible, but for others it shockingly changed the path they took in life.

The news these days continue to amaze us, filled with accusations about the president and his staff being involved with the Russians during the elections. The special investigation has now accused his son-in-law, Jared Kushner of being thick in the weeds with the Russians. How deep will this go, how dark and dirty are these secrets that were so well hidden on the campaign trail? Only time will tell as the truth comes to life and these secrets unravel one by one.

Why do people lie and hide these secrets, carrying them around like a bag of dirty laundry. Is it fear of being found out as a liar? Are they afraid of hurting their family or someone else’s? Or do they think they are above it all, no need to be honest because no one will ever know? How can they stuff those lies down deep inside and walk around with a smile on their face? The life of deceit is a very fine line that many people carefully walk along, sometimes for many years, until the lie starts to slowly rise up to the surface, about to be exposed by the light of truth shining on it.

A man we know always wondered why his father seemed to show more attention to his sister than to him. While parents sometimes show favoritism here and there, it was extreme between the two siblings and even followed into the next generation, with a vast difference in how the respective grandchildren were treated. The sisters’s kids got lots of presents at the holidays, while his kids got very little. His mother always seemed to be more loving when alone with her son, but when the husband was around, he was back to being treated like the red headed stepchild.

After his mother’s death, a photograph was found hidden away in her scrapbooks. It was a picture of his uncle, his fathers brother, espousing his love for the mother. After digging around for a period of time, the man realized that his father, the cold and unfeeling man, was not his biological father. Instead, the uncle who had several other children, was actually his father.  Although both his parents have since passed away, his uncle/father continues to walk around today with that lying face, that smiling face that won’t tell the truth. He is religious man with strong Christian values, but he continues to live with this lie even 60 years later. Perhaps he’s trying to spare the feelings of his “real” family at the cost of living a lie that has eaten away at his soul for all these years.

Lies are corrosive, slowly dissolving our lives into a puddle, our core of honesty and decency wanting to expose those lies to the light of truth, but fear often holds us back. It takes courage to move forward and share those dirty little secrets, but not exposing them keeps you firmly mired in the painful past that will continue to haunt you forever.

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