I once worked for someone that told me that life is one long continuous learning opportunity, and to take time every day to learn something new.  He would use every spare moment and listen to boring business books in his car, to and from work, and read late into the night, excited to share some new concept the next day.  At the time I was a young wife and mother of two little boys, working a full time job at work and at home.  I thought that idea was crazy, there was no time left in the day to learn anything new except which are the best diapers to buy to avoid a mess.  With age comes wisdom and I now understand what he meant.

With the advance of internet and social media, it’s impossible not to be learning something new all throughout the day, but it’s what we do with it that matters in life.  You can toss it away, or store it back in your mind, ready to whip it out and share it with someone wondering about that very thing you read about years ago.  Knowledge allows us to travel to far away places we will never visit and yet those images are alive inside of us.  It comes rushing to the surface when we are battling with some new project and we realize we read something about that years ago.  Someone mentions an experience they once had and a flash of knowledge comes back to us.  It keeps us thirsting for more, wanting to experience and learn about new places, people and a myriad of other things that add excitement to our lives.

I haven’t written for a long time, and with that I kind of lost my quest to learn about new things.  It left my life rather black and white, not full of color and song and the experience of growth and knowledge.  When I would be with my little grandkids, I would feel alive and excited, anxious to learn how to use those silly water pump sprayers from the dollar store, or build those absolutely impossible foam Halloween haunted house kits from the craft store.  But when they would go home, I was back to playing video games on my IPad, curled up inside myself with no desire to learn or try something new.  Nothing was really fun, who wants to cook or go for a swim or a walk when everything stands still, no part of your life is moving forward.

My doctor said to take a pill, it must be depression, typical of women my age, and it probably was.  When you sell your business after many years and all that work that kept you so busy is suddenly gone, you feel kind of dead inside, worthless, and without a reason to get up in the mornings.  “Retirement is so much fun, you are so lucky to retire young, you’ll love it,” they said.  Well, it didn’t feel fun to me and my grandkids can only come over to play with me so many days of the week.  At their young age they have a more fulfilling life than I do, because they are learning new things every day.

So life very slowly drifted by until recently.  A few small things have changed and I am amazed that even at 62, there’s more to learn and experience and I am still hungry for something new.  And to think that it started with some tiny little puppies…..

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