His Guidance in Our Lives

The leaves flutter so softly, everything standing still in the cool night air.
Don’t even take a breath or move, for fear that special moment will pass.
The time when daylight slowly slips away from the busy world around,
Leading to the ebony night blanketing the earth at last.

It’s that time for reflection on how we spent our busy day.
Did we think about the bountiful blessings that God lovingly provides?
Or did we take for granted, the day filled with busy moments so special.
We often forget to thank Him with our love and feelings hidden deep inside.

To experience God’s greatest gift, the gift of love and forgiveness,
We must seek His guidance in our lives, sometimes full of confusion and fury.
There are many choices in our life and we wonder what challenges lie ahead.
By placing our lives in God’s hands, He will guide us, we no longer need to worry.

reaching handsWe cannot solve the problems of the world, but we can reach out our hand to God,
Or to a friend who might be in need of a friendly call or a warm encouraging embrace.
Lead your life in a way that removes the doubt and worries that overwhelm,
And look for ways to live fully, thanking God for his help in everything we face.

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