Tap Into Your Hidden Powers

Have you heard people complain about how something has kept them from achieving the full, rich life they are so deserving of? You know the type, the ones that blame their failures on everyone from their family, to early school experiences to their bosses? Let’s be honest, we all do it from time to time.  It’s easier to blame something or someone else rather than facing reality.  We are our own worst enemies, often self-sabotaging ourselves, anything from moving forward with an uncomfortable stretch outside of our normal routines.  What actually stops us from making the changes we want so much in our lives?

Each of us is born with unique abilities that we rarely take advantage of. Many people from humble beginnings have gone on and have achieved success and fame and yet many people who have a full range of opportunities never even try to chase after their dreams.  Steve Jobs was given away by his biological parents and his adoptive parents used their entire life savings to help him go to college. After their money ran out, he dropped out of college, no other choices in hand. He used to return Coke bottles for money and lived on free meals at a nearby Hare Krishna temple. From those early days of struggling financially, we all know the success story of how Jobs went on to become the CEO of Apple Inc, being fired at one point and then coming back years later.  He lived to see his company soar to levels of innovation never seen before.  His legacy continues to delight and amaze us each time a new product is released.  Can any of us even imagine how different our lives would be today, if Steve Jobs had not been so driven and passionate regardless of his resources?

super woman in glassSo how do we make our dreams come true in our lives? We first must take responsibility for who we have chosen to become.  We’ve gotten lost along the way, pursued jobs we didn’t love to make ends meet.  Stopped dead in our tracks, just not knowing which way we should turn.  We’ve messed up, simple as that.  Few of us wake up each day with the intention of making mistakes, but it happens. Life is complicated and we need to seek spiritual guidance to move past our fears and doubts.  Don’t keep looking back in the mirror to what went wrong along the way.  Mistakes make us stronger and more resilient the next time we have to face a monumental challenge in our lives.

I dreamed of becoming an English teacher during high school, knowing that I would eventually graduate from college with a teaching degree and all of the required certifications. My path went a different way, a business career that eventually included owning a business with my husband, and my love of writing seemed to die along the way.  Six months ago following an involved surgery, I woke up with an unexpected change in my life. I was filled with the love and spirit of The Lord and the gift of writing…..writing all the time and with so much pain at first that I drove everyone crazy and away from me. That’s the deal with making changes, not everyone will like the new you, including yourself at times.

Stand tough, be courageous and move towards the path of change with conviction. If you are true to yourself and those deep rooted abilities that you have ignored for years, you will succeed, although it will not be without pain. Remember the old expression, “no pain, no gain?” That wasn’t just about our physical being, it applies to our body, spirit, mind and soul. When we experience a true epiphany of any kind, we will be stronger and more resilient to face the naysayers and other stumbling blocks along the way.

Tap into your hidden powers and see what you are really made of!

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