An “Apple” A Day Will Keep Your Zen in Place

blue_aqua_apple_logoI was a Microsoft die-hard for about the last 30 years, working with the first “PC’s” that came out in 1983. I always thought there was nothing better, but boy was I wrong.  The power of an “Apple a Day” started pulling me slowly away from Microsoft with the purchase of an iPad mini, then an iPhone 5, an iPhone 6 and finally the MacDaddy of them all, a MacBook Air.  The best part about Apple products?  Set up time of about 5 minutes.  Easy to use?  Oh yeah!  Why didn’t I listen to my son years earlier?  Just an old Microsoft die-hard I guess.

So why would I buy a Microsoft laptop and printer to use with my re-born consulting business? Absolutely the stupidest thing I have ever done.  Set up time?  FOREVER.  Easy to use?  If you think banging your head against the desk, window, floor or any other hard thing you can find is easy, I guess it was.  I tried to calmly and patiently work on the laptop in the wee hours when it was totally quiet.  I tried using it  first thing in the morning when my brain was fresh and ready to tackle the hardest of problems. I looked online for hints. I removed all the tiles on Windows 8.  I tried to set up the wireless functions on the printer and was I successful at anything?  ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE THING WORKED!  What happened to the ease of setting up a printer like the Apple Air print with no disks or software necessary?

The problem was that I had thrown away my boxes.  I had just thrown $1,200 down the drain, because this wasn’t working with my new Living with Intension or “zen philosophy” because trying to get this junk to work was making my head and stomach hurt, and I just simply didn’t have the time or energy to deal with it.zen

I threw it all in my car, loose cords and instructions along with the equipment but none of the boxes or packaging and returned it all to Costco.  Easy to return?  Absolutely.   That’s why I always buy all my electronics and most everything else at Costco.  They are always helpful and pleasant with buying things or returning them.  If this consulting gig doesn’t work out, you can find me at Costco helping other people return things that just didn’t work out for them.  Like that challenging Microsoft stuff.  Hope Windows 10 works out for them.

So I’ll admit that I had a few problems getting my three Apple products to share pictures and music so I made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar.  The next day after only about 15 minutes, everything was talking to each other and my zen life returned, peacefully and quietly.  I could hear soft music and a vision of water slowing pouring over small pebbles in a river filled my head with bliss.

Have an “Apple” a Day and keep your zen in place.  Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

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