Ordinary People with Extraordinary Courage

I recently wrote about being a unique person, not afraid to be different than others.  It takes courage to do that and it is so much easier to just blend into the crowd.  That actually is what about 98% of all people do in their lives and they seem to be alright with that approach.  I strongly believe there are many ways to be courageous if you truly believe…believe in yourself and the reasons why you were born.  E.E. Cummings once quoted, “It Takes Courage to Show Up and Become Who You Really Are.

So who are you really?  Have you forgotten who you really wanted to be in life?  We all started out as little kids with crazy personalities and wild dreams about what we wanted to be when we “grew up”.  We told our parents and friends that we wanted to be firemen, policemen, astronauts, doctors, ballet dancers, rock stars and teachers.  At some point we ended up working in a cubicle doing mundane tasks day after day, or we moved on from job to job in search of that ideal life we were positive that we would achieve when we were kids.  We still blame our bosses and know that it is their fault that we are being held back from our full potential, from achieving the higher positions we deserve and the higher salaries that we wish for.

Other people experience the same issues in their relationships and constantly look for another person to make us feel whole, complete and satisfied with this mundane life that we chose to live.  Is the problem truly that we picked the wrong mate, or that we are not committing enough of ourselves to the relationship?  It’s just so easy to blame the other person for our dissatisfaction, but is it really their fault?  Are we not courageous enough in our relationships to make them stronger and healthier by doing whatever it takes, or do we just roll over and accept that things are just the way they are, it surely isn’t anything we are doing wrong?

bible with handsI believe that every person can have an extraordinary life if they keep one thing close to their heart…courage.  Courage to face our fears, courage to face our limitations and not blame others for our shortcomings and failures, courage to stand proud of who we are and what we can accomplish in life and courage to ask God for strength, not the solutions that we already have in our hearts.

As Christians we obediently go to church and listen to the message each week, but how many of us go out and discuss that message with our friends?  I keep hearing how Christianity is declining across the world, and yet it still remains the most popular religion regardless of how ISIS and other extremists try to make people afraid of expressing their faith.  I believe that the real problem is that most Christians are actually now the “Silent Majority”.  People are uncomfortable praying in public, talking about religion with their friends or even writing about their faith, in fear of what others will think of them, not wanting to stand out in the crowd or in their beliefs.

christians and crossWe need to pray to God for strength in facing our daily battles, not to fix our problems but instead to ask for extraordinary courage to deal with our everyday lives and to be brave Christians, not afraid to witness to others.  Witnessing doesn’t mean you have to stand on a stage and share your faith as our fearless church leaders do each week around the world.  It can be a quiet show of a church sticker, like the “CCV” sticker I have on my car, or the quiet show of faith by praying in public before a meal, or by being more vocal and talking with people about how your life is so much richer and more meaningful by believing in Jesus Christ.

Lead an extraordinary life and pray to God for strength to stay strong and courageous even when faced with opposition along the way.  You will find that you are surrounded by many other people that feel the same way, but were merely afraid to speak up publicly about their faith.

Rejoice Today!

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