Feeding Our Souls

This is an updated post of an article dated April 20th of this year, shortly after my transformative surgery that improved my health forever.  I am updating these posts to add them to my new Facebook Page, Praise the Lord of My Life.  Please follow this blog as well as the new Facebook Page and be sure and “like” it while you are there.

I rarely thought about feeding my soul.  It was always more about feeding my mouth to satisfy my physical needs, or spending a lot of money without really thinking about it.  The past few weeks, this phrase seemed to keep bouncing around in my head.  Then we went to church and heard a message about “Envy” and how it can literally ruin our lives.  After enjoying some time with our friends that evening, we came home and I started thinking about that message.  Was my over-eating or over-spending part of the “Envy” in my life?  Did I always want something I couldn’t have, so I replaced it with too much food or too much “stuff”?

I thought about it for days, and finally pushed the thought aside.  My husband was having a relaxing time of playing golf, so it was quiet in the house and I was singing along with my favorite pop music, dancing around the kitchen, cooking dinner and enjoying myself unlike any other time in my life.  Feeling a bit tired, only 11 days since my surgery, I sat down and decided to listen to Christian Rock music similar to what they play at our Phoenix Valley church, CCV.   I could hardly finish anything in the kitchen, just listening to the inspiring rock music with lyrics rich with meaning that filled my heart with pure joy.

The next thing I know, the once messy kitchen was cleaned up and full of food like “healthy” chocolate chip cookies, homemade blueberry pie and our dinner for the evening.  I was hungry, a deep “I really need a cookie” type of hunger that heavy people hardly ever feel.  We eat out of loneliness, rejection, fear, anger and a whole host of horrible debilitating emotions.  For the first time in my life, I didn’t worry about counting carbs or calories, or that it was right before dinner… I needed a cookie, so I popped one in my mouth with happiness and no guilt, yet another new and strange feeling about food.

We go through our lives, filling them with material things to make ourselves happy, with Envy convincing us to make these purchases along the way.  We buy a bigger house, a bigger car, new clothes and take expensive vacations.  “We deserve it, we work hard”, we tell ourselves to justify why we just threw more money out the window.  When the trip is over, and the only proof of it is on our credit card bill, we feel a bit empty and at a loss as to why, so the cycle repeats itself again and again.

I finally began to understand why “Feeding Our Souls” is so important in life.  We are  trying to find joy and happiness, the kind that fills you up from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, the type I experienced today while I cooked and danced and sang and ate a cookie…..A cookie that fed my soul.

woman dancingWe can stop the crazy merry-go-round of buying more and more junk to make us happy and satisfied, with just one easy step.  Find the things in life we really enjoy doing, that we are actually pretty good at, and don’t feel guilty taking time out to do them.  Putter in the garden, go play golf, read a book, take a walk or jog in the park, or just bake a batch of homemade cookies and eat one while it’s warm and gooey with a glass of milk.

There is goodness in life and it’s all free for the taking.  God has given us so many unique gifts, many of which we have forgotten about over the years or just lost sight of.  Think about what you loved to do when you were a kid or young adult and haven’t done for years.  Leave your credit card at home and just let go and have fun.  It will be so good for your happiness and it will feed your soul.

Rejoice Today!

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