The Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad

When people were getting married in the 1970’s, most wanted an average of 2.6 children according to the Gallup polls way back then.  Many of our friends were trying really hard to avoid having a baby, while it took 5 long years of taking temperatures, filling in the charts, waiting for the perfect moment, aligning the stars with the moon, and hoping and praying each month that the test strips would turn the right color.  I just figured that waiting all that time would make that child Into a really extra special little person, and I was certainly right.  I have a wonderful son that I couldn’t be more proud of.

Jason is a sensitive and kind young man whose heart is as pure and honest as it was on the day he was born.  His personality hasn’t changed even a tiny bit since it started shining through his eyes when he was a very young baby.  The morning of his first birthday, he was standing up in his crib with a big happy smile on his face, ready to face the world….even if his world was just the clown cake I had spent hours making for this monumental day in his life and in mine.

He spent his very young life thouroughly entertaining both sets of his delighted grandparents who had only had one child in each of their family circles, myself and my husband.  The day my son was born, my dad had the local credit union post a sign on their billboard announcing to the world that he had a bouncing baby grandson that he was so proud of.  That proud feeling never left my dad until the day he died, shortly before my son turned 16 and I turned 40, both milestones in our lives that we should have been celebrating, but so hard to do since our loving cheerleader wasn’t there to help us celebrate.

Jason’s passion for life long learning is something that we have both shared during our lives.  He loves to read, listen to music, write articles and wrote the first of many books to come a few years ago.  He loves to go to the movies, and creates amazing and delicious meals for the family.  After obtaining his English degree, he attended writers workshops and became a successful writer of several newspaper columns and monthly feature articles.  He also spent many years with the Legacy Institute in Denver to become a holistic and integrative life coach.  But what is his greatest achievement in life so far?  What is his legacy that he will be remembered for many years from now?

 He is a stay-at-home dad sharing his life’s experiences with my adorable two grandchildren.  What an amazing life they have, sharing adventures with their gentle and loving dad who plans a field trip every week in the summer, going to see the dinosaurs at Adventure Ridge outside of Denver where my granddaughter Maggie was so disappointed that there weren’t any live ones like the animals at the zoo.  They don’t just go to children’s museums, they went to a Robot museum about a 1 1/2 hours away, and to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver with the crazy bleeding heart outside the entrance that Maggie just loves.

He takes them to swim lessons, to the children’s reading programs held at the local library where their mom is the children’s librarian, and they all go on family vacations that my son and his wife specifically plan with their kids in mind.  Jason and Sarah spend every minute of their lives trying to show their children that life is full of wonderful adventures, whether hiding inside the pages of an exciting picture book, or outside in the wild, wild west in Denver or in Phoenix, where my grandson Aden loves to talk about the “cacti”, not cactus….loving one singular cactus at a time.

Aden has already figured out what the rest of us have forgotten about.   The most important thing in life is just that one single thing.  Spend quality time with your heroes, the mom that spends hours of time late at night working on custom designed costumes for Christmas. Or the big guy that hoists you up on his shoulders so you can see over everyone else’s head.  That special dad that loves you so much that he will patiently get up in the night and tuck you back into bed over and over again.  The kind of dad that I also had the privilege of loving and sharing my life with for such a short time.  The kind of dad that was so proud of his daughter that he shouted out to the world about a special little grandson the day he was born.  That special little boy that grew up into a very special kind of dad, that my own father would have been so proud of today.

 Take time to remember how important our dads are to us, no matter how young and no matter how old we are.  The adventures they teach us about stay forever in our hearts and one day my grandchildren will write stories about how their dad shared his world with them and showed them how to be brave and go chase the dinosaurs.

Rejoice Today!

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  1. I love it, Mom! Thanks a lot for the kind, wonderful story. The only untruth is that I can’t say that I’m quite so patient when forced to get up in the middle of the night!


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