This is THE Day!

One of these days I’m going to get help for my procrastination problem.  My son is coming today for a visit and I’ve known about it for over a month.  The last few days I have been busy getting all those pesky little to-do’s finally finished.  If it weren’t for the last minute, we wouldn’t get anything done in our lives.  

Procrastination isn’t something that is born in us, it’s not a genetic thing, it’s something we learn along the way.  Over twenty percent of all people consider themselves chronic procrastinators which means that millions of people are holding back in their lives.  How does that impact our world?  Work productivity cannot be at its peak capacity, we are not fully helping other people in need and everyone is impacted by the lack of focus on our own healthcare, expecting our doctors or the government to make us healthy and happy.

Procrastination actually is a sure-fire way to avoid overall success in all parts of our life, because we are afraid to take the next step and take a risk without worrying about what might happen.  We sabotage ourselves by putting obstacles in our own paths. We actually choose paths that hurt our health, our personal relationships and our overall job performance.  Holding back never resolves the basic issue that keeps us from moving forward in our lives.

It is time to stop with the excuses, it’s time to start fully living your life, even if you are scared of taking a chance.  How will your life ever get better if you don’t trust yourself and God to take the first big step.  Big step…not a small one, a big one that will be a new wonderful adventure that requires a new way of thinking.  Don’t wait for the perfect time to come along, IT IS TODAY!  Push back those negative thoughts about past failures, it doesn’t matter at all, because once yesterday has past, all we need to focus on is TODAY.

We all have excuses; I am too young, or too old, or too overweight, or too tired, or I am hurting too much, or I just don’t have time in my busy day.  That’s a bunch of silly excuses that you’ve used all your life.  Throw those thoughts out the window and embrace a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of using faith in God to help you succeed with your goals and dreams.  Never retreat, just re-load.  Never look back, just keep moving forward one BIG step at a time.  Never think about failure, know that you will conquer this demon that has been sitting on your shoulders for your entire life.

climb a hillWhen there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller.  This is THE day to take a risk and make a difference in the world around you by showing you believe in yourself. Climb up that hill and never look back down.

Rejoice Today!

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