A Minute of Happy News is Not Enough!

I am a new Facebook user even though I have had an account for years.  I somehow thought it was a silly waste of my time and and an invasion into my private world.  Why do my friends care about where I went for dinner?  Why do I care what they did at the mall?  Boy was I wrong!  I finally started using it about 4 months ago and now I blab on and on to the world through my blog, or just to the few people who might be interested in where I went for dinner tonight.

I attended a writers workshop this weekend and learned that 75% of all Americans from 18 years and older have a Facebook account, and that it is by far the biggest social network out there, beating out a lot of other popular websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.  Here is my opinion and I look forward to hearing from all of you through the survey at the end, so please share your thoughts below.

Facebook has a way of connecting all of us together, by sharing the good news, whether it’s about kids of all ages going back to school right now, a beachside wedding, a precious new baby, a cute new puppy, a funny video about kids who love to ham it up, dogs that tear through the house, cats that do the craziest of things, pigs jumping up and down in a wading pool or just about anything that puts a smile on our face and makes us feel happy.

Of course, it is also a way for a husband to proudly ask that his friends pray for his sick wife that he is so in love with, and who he absolutely adores.  Or for the quiet man who is dying of incurable cancer but has such strong faith in God, that he and his family are living their lives fully in the belief that each day is a miracle, so they won’t waste a minute of it worrying about what is around the corner, they are happy for the time they have together today.

I believe that the media has it all wrong and pray that eventually things might change for the better.  The major TV networks focus on the negative side of what is happening around the world.  They thrive on telling us about how terrible things are in the world, about people cheating, lying, rioting, and killing each other.  They focus on the one-year anniversary of the Ferguson, Missouri death of a young man, and guess what happens?  While the cameras line up for the possible emotional outbursts, a few people decide they’ll liven things up for the media circus and fire guns into the air, vandalize businesses and cause a nightmare for the entire city of Ferguson.  But does the media look at all of the good people who are trying to live a peaceful life there?  No, that just doesn’t sell the same way to the public I guess.

The only positive thing I can say about the media, is that the major networks have all embraced a wonderful new way to top off the 29 minutes of bad news they love to share with us.  They give us a brief little story about something warm and fluffy to say goodbye with, thinking this is their way of lifting our spirits after the 29 minutes of their sadness and despair.

I want more than one minute of happy news and I think there is a lot more good news out there than we realize.  After my Facebook newsfeed review every night, I realize that I rarely see a negative post from any of my friends and acquaintances.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  There are joyful posts, pictures and videos of children having the most carefree fun in the world, and of animals completely free of worries, running through fields and backing through doorways because they just can’t walk through them face first. There are delicious recipes that are shared between friends, beautiful pictures that look like pieces of art, and inspirational posts that make you feel like everything is right with the world.  People aren’t afraid to share their love of God or being political correct about their religion.  They just share it with their friends and if someone doesn’t agree with their beliefs, no one makes a big deal about it.  Facebook is the one place in the world that it is just fine to be yourself, crazy selfies and all.

You have a choice on what you read, what you watch and how you feel inside afterwards.  We need to let the networks know that we expect more from them.  I want the TV networks to make me feel like Facebook does.  Continue sharing the news we really need to hear, but also share more about the good things that are happening in our world.  Give a little less focus to the bad things around us or the people that may be causing these things to happen, and place a lot more focus on the joyful and generous people around the world.

Just a few more minutes a day of “happy news”, will help us start our day feeling a little more positive about the world we live in.

Rejoice Today!

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