Artistic Expression

It’s the night before another big surgery for me and I had decided to spend a few days in Scottsdale this week, the opposite side of the Phoenix valley from where i live.  It’s the perfect time to vacation in Arizona with it’s 118 degree weather because the hotels practically beg you to come in.  My hotel is a couple of blocks from the surgical center, so it will be an easy walk in the wee hours tomorrow morning.  Getting back to the hotel will be a hoot…I’ll just give the golf cart driver a quick buzz and he’ll pick me up and bring me right back to the hotel.  Won’t that be a great story to tell to my grandkids and friends after this is all over?

The thing that amazes me about Scottsdale is that there are two sides to it. Literally….two sides.  it is a quaint little town that still feels like the old west in part of the town, but go a few blocks and you enter an area that is described as the desert version of Miami Beach!  The shops are not filled with junk, but rather beautiful artistic expressions of sculptors, painters, jewelry makers, metallurgists and every other form of creativity that you could imagine. I love that this town has survived the onslaught of chain restaurants and stores because of it’s diversity.  Nothing is closed up and you see no chains in the downtown area, just unique and creative store owners that put their hearts into their businesses.

Today I met a man that owns the Silver Kiva, a lovely jewelry store unlike anything I have ever seen.  He goes to the reservations and works with only a few specific jewelry designers who make very unique artistic pieces.  Each piece is literally a one of a kind, their work being among the finest work I have ever seen.  Later tonight I walked into an art gallery that was a co-op of many talented artists from the surrounding area.  Once again, I have never seen such a display of human individuality, artistic expression and spirituality.  This state I have moved to is full of positive energy, beautiful landscapes and creative artists in so many fields, that it is sometimes hard to take it all in.  I had a joyful day, hugged by friendly people who are passionate about their businesses, great music throughout the area, and was surrounded by bold art, vivid colors and art media that I have never even seen before.

There are other forms of artistic expression that every walk of person shows along the way.  The teacher that creatively shows her young students how to love learning, and the children’s librarian who makes early literacy programs fun and exciting for all ages of children, like my creative daughter-in-law.  There are the owner/chefs of small restaurants who take risks and prepare dishes no one ever has, and who thrill their customers with the unusual combination of textures and flavors.  How about Pharell, the popular musician that wrote a song that still touches everyone’s heart every time they hear the “Happy” song?  These people all make our lives a little bit richer because they are willing to share their love of the arts with us.

Then there are the folks in the medical field who take delight in transforming people’s lives, like my kind surgeon, the one that likes purple and my primary care physician, part of the MD VIP group of physicians who are taking back their “small town” practices from the big behemoth health care institutions.  Tomorrow, God will guide my surgeon’s hands as he helps me continue to get stronger, healthier and more confident about myself.  My primary physician is in the co-pilot seat, waiting to see how he can be part of this transformation as well.  Just another sign of how we all can express what is in our heart when we are filled with passion about what we do for a living.

I’ll continue expressing myself after tomorrow’s big nap, one day at a time.  Writing my blog, asking God to walk by my side every day, and living life to it’s fullest, learning new things, meeting new people, loving music, art, nature and especially my tiny little family of loving people.  Know what my best artistic creation has been in my life?   My handsome creative son Jason and his two precious children that I miss every day.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

God gives us talents that we are unwilling to tap into.  Express yourself in all ways of your life.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, you might compose a great song, or paint a beautiful picture, or just bake some really cute cupcakes.  Just wake up in the morning and look around you for inspiration.  Trust me, it’s everywhere.

Rejoice Today!

One comment

  1. What a beautiful article! You can just see Scotsdale through your eyes.
    You always bring to light what a. Beautiful world we live in. People who
    read your blogs should always feel warm and toasty and be glad they’re alive and be greatful to God. I am so very proud of you I could just burst! I’ve been to many places through your eyes and could see the beauty thanks to your wonderful descriptions. Your having your surgery right now and I pray
    Gods hands are working with your wonderful doctor! Love you, your Mom,


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