Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you stay-at-home Dads who get grief every day about not having a “real job”. The people who say that, have never stayed at home with kids 24/7.  I used to babysit two days a week with my sweet grandkids, but got to go home at 6 pm and collapse on the sofa with a day in between to re-charge.  How about those Dads that spend 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with those happy, joyous, temper tantrum screaming, yelling, laughing delightful little kids?  One that comes to mind, is my sweet loving son Jason, who chose to put aside his dreams for a few years so he could raise my grandkids, Aden and Maggie. He will never regret his decision later in his life, and Maggie and Aden will be stronger more confident adults as a result of the constant love and guidance that he gives to them every moment of every day.  He is a great Dad and I am so proud of him.  My Dad is really proud of him too.

I also want to give thanks to the men who play the primary role in their children’s lives. These are men who work hard all day, then come home to play hard all night and on the weekends. They don’t have a choice, their wives left their family behind, but the husbands still have to provide a living for their family. There is a video on TV this weekend with people thanking their Dads for also being their Moms, and people are angry about it.  It’s alright in our society to praise moms who raise their kids on their own, but not dads? Not fair at all.  There are more and more fathers who are raising their children as their wives decide they want to pursue a different direction in life. Wow! I thought being a mother was the best “job” you could ever ask for!  How could you just leave your children, who came from your body, your heart and your sole and just walk away. I will pray for them, but do not want those women as my friends.

Hat’s off to all the Dads out there in our country.  Even the ones that never truly were a “Dad” or “Granddad” but sure try to be one every day of their lives.

Rejoice Today!

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  1. Brenda you surely will get some comments on this wonderful blog
    I am so very very proud of you! You are a wonderful daughter and
    Friend. Love you!


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