Give It All You’ve Got

I had an amazing experience last night.  A friend from the dealership is the head referee for a group of traveling basketball teams that are comprised of professional athletes that play short games of extremely physical and passionate basketball.  As I sat right on the black line of the basketball court, these men drove down the court with such intensity that I could feel the floor vibrate under my feet.  I was actually a bit fearful at first, as their sweating bodies flew by, just inches from my face.  One polite, extremely tall young man stood next to me, waiting to jump back in the game, and took the time to apologize for dripping sweat on my arm!  Holy cow!  How about that for an up close and personal experience?  These men are so passionate about keeping in shape during their off seasons, that they even risk getting hurt in a sport that is not “their sport”, just because they love feeling strong, being extremely competitive and giving it all they’ve got…while being kind at the same time.

I left the game wondering if I am “giving it all” and realized that I am far from it.  I may be busy every day, scurrying around doing things to fill the days, but the busier I got the past few weeks, the less time I had to write my post, something that I am very passionate about.  I wasn’t exercising or swimming and my joy was starting to ebb, while I tried to start a new life of being alone.  I am trying to “resurrect” my life, the consulting career that I am so passionate about, a strong healthy body that I am proud of and showing my love of God to the whole world by being truthful, honest and true to my word.

What was I doing trying to work in a car dealership as an employee who wasn’t really even welcomed there fully by the tough guys there?  This is a “man’s world”, filled with old concepts about women not being able to sell cars, about compensation plans that put the new employees at a huge disadvantage and end up paying them minimum wage if they don’t sell more than 8 cars in a month.  This “old school” method just isn’t something that I am willing to put my principals at risk for.  There is a lot of money to make if you are willing to give up your principals and work in a world similar to Mad Men, but I simply am not willing to do that.  So I quit working there as an employee and hope to work there as a consultant if they are ready to move into the changing world we live in and accept the needed change in their culture.  If 80% of all car purchases are made by women, then the men need to move aside and let the women of the company take a place right next to them, shoulder to shoulder.  They need to stop being rude, demeaning and sometimes downright nasty, and be professionals, helping the new salesforce become successful and allowing them to earn more than minimum wage, which is what I earned the first few weeks I worked there.  As someone told me, bet it is kind of a let down to be making minimum wage after earning so much in my consulting career phase.  I didn’t view it as a let down, rather an opportunity to learn something new while I actually got a $500 paycheck!  Guess it’s all in how you look at it, right?

I now understand the basics of selling a car, having sold one last week in less than 2 hours, somewhat of a record in the car selling world.  I did it like I always do; understand the process, manage every step of the way, and be helpful and kind, a really easy way to approach any job in life, not just selling cars.  I ended up with a 5 star review with lots of positive feedback from Jeremy, my very kind customer, a retired military man with two young sweet and respectful daughters.  Seems so easy, that I should just keep working there as an employee.  No, it’s time for me to move on as a consultant who wants to help companies change their culture, provide the latest technology and tools to help them do the job they are most suited for, triple their sales, increase their profit ten-fold and allow women and men to work together successfully.

My mission in life is to “Help Others in Need”, and that includes businesses with honest intent and a passion for their customers.  I know that God will lead me to those companies and I look forward to helping them with their needs.

When you wake up today, look at your life, your job and especially your marriage.  Don’t drift through life, letting it drag you somewhere you don’t like.  Be honest and passionate about your life and give it all you’ve got!

Rejoice Today!

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