Quit Complaining and Be the Change You Want to Be

I am back in Denver, where our home is.  It’s spring here and after 23 days of rain in May, the grass almost looks artificial it’s so perfect and green.  I missed the flowers this year, so I bought a few of my own to stick here and there.  It’s peaceful and lovely and I do love the “green”, after being in Phoenix for four months.  I actually love both places for different and similar reasons…the beautiful vista’s and for their botanical differences.  I love the desert scenery, with the rugged mountains that surround Phoenix, the non-stop flowers that grow on desert shrubs, hardly requiring any water and the amazing sunsets.  I love the snow covered mountains that I can see from my breakfast room, the deep rich green of the grass, trees and shrubs in Denver.  I love nature, and I feel blessed to be able to live in two beautiful places.

The similarity and differences of these two places I love makes me think about the politics in this country.  People were so happy when President Obama was elected.  He is going to bring us the much needed “Change and Hope”, his campaign called out to us.  We all jumped on board, excited for this dramatic change in our culture, we had actually elected a black man as our President.  This was during the “Denver Green” days.  He even had his convention here in Denver which was certainly exciting in of itself.

Now he’s in the lame duck portion of his presidency, the “Phoenix, dry desert” phase of his work and dreams.   His ratings were so high, 66 in January of 2009, but declined to 31 just 2 1/2 years later in October 2011.  Did he not deliver?  Did he promise too much to a nation in need of a desperately needed culture change?  Or did we fail him by not believing and supporting what he told us he believed in?  Does he still have the ability to show his courage and let those “desert flowers bloom”, without the nourishment that comes from support of the people that so desperately believed in him in 2008?  I know that he does, because all things are possible with God by our sides.

Part of the responsibility of every citizen in this great country, is to stand by and faithfully support our leaders. Not the ones that are in it for the fame and glory, like many that are currently in office, but for the ones that truly have a vision, a passion for change.  One that come to mind and was murdered when I was only 8 years old, is John F Kennedy, no one can doubt his vision and hope for a country that ends discrimination and promotes equality, and focused on improving our overall physical education programs for children, the country was already  having issues with obesity and many kids were unable to pass the simple PE tests 50 years ago.  He simply said, “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”  A simple message that we must return to in order to become the strong nation we have to be in order to battle the evil that threatens each of our daily lives and that of our grandchildren’s future.

He was not without his human flaws and sins, but he was a great leader that changed each of our lives and he served out of compassion, hope and a vision of a new kind of country for the American people.  He barely survived WWII, but the courage he had during his darkest days, also was with him when he stepped forward and said, “Yes Lord I will lead this country of great American citizens.”  His life was cut short by a fanatic who didn’t agree with his politics.  Don’t you wonder how different our lives would be today if he had been able to follow His Lord’s path for his life?

I would challenge all of you to stop complaining about the politics in America, to join hands and work together to change this country into what YOU want it to be.  You each have a loud, clear voice that you can SHOUT OUT to your representatives and senators.  Stop making this a Republican or Democratic issue and say loudly what policies and funding you want changed and ask yourself why.  It’s easy to forward a clever post on Facebook, but do you truly have just ONE THING you want changed in this political environment?  I’ll share mine with you.  It’s my personal Mission in life.  Take care of those in need.  A pretty simple mission that can wrap it’s arms around so many needs.

Be the Change YOU want to be today, no more delays, no more complaining.

Rejoice Today!

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