The Blessings Surround Me

I have met so many Christians at the dealership over the weekend, that it’s almost hard to believe.  There hasn’t been one person that I have met, that wasn’t a Christian.  None of them immediately started speaking about it, nor did I, it just sort of came out.  I have a thought, that when you are a Christian, you can sense if someone else is also a Christian, like a sixth sense.  I’ll give you an example.  I met a couple yesterday, not even my customers, as they had bought a car the day before. They came back to the dealership on Sunday to get some more of the great food that came from Benny’ Burgers, food lovingly prepared by John Le and a great hot dog, also lovingly prepared by Cole, a kind young man that is helping out at the dealership this weekend.

They really didn’t have a reason to come back, they just liked the “feeling” they had felt the day before at the showroom and were so impressed with how kind Cole was, that they came back to pray with him knowing that God will help Cole get a job.  The really amazing thing, is that I had been having this crazy thought that I would like to mentor Cole, like the man that mentored me over 30 years ago.  This couple and I both know that Cole has huge potential, has a heart of gold and needs some guidance, both spiritual and in the work place.

I was coming back from my first and only test drive of the day, with customers that were going to “think about it.”  This was totally fine because they are friends and family, so it was more of a test drive of my own!   A few minutes later, I was taking the dealer plates out of the car and a couple pulled up in a gorgeous Porsche. I greeted them, admiring their beautiful car, which I found out minutes later, they had bought the day before from our dealership.  Joyous!!  I did not say anything religious, always fearful of “offending” someone in public that I don’t know, and all of a sudden the husband asked if I was religious, and I said yes….has anything happened to you lately, he asked…..yes, I said. They immediately parked their car came into the showroom, spoke with Tim, one of our salesmen and then ran into my little office.  They were the most pure and honest people I have ever met, no agenda, nothing needed, they had figured out why they didn’t drive to Chandler as they were supposed to do, and instead came back in to the dealership.  God told them to come back to pray with me and they didn’t even know me at all.  They knew that my life had changed less than two months before, that I had lost some of my family as a result of it, that I was grieving inside for the “loss” of my husband, son and little grandkids, but trying to fill that joy meter of mine every day with love and hope.  After meeting them, I ran out and got a list of potential leads and started calling with that joy in my heart.  I messed up a few times and called people that had bought a car from us that weekend, but guess what?  My meter just kept filling up!  These people had a great buying experience and they LOVED their cars.  Who can’t be happy about making cold calls when they say that they love you!

How can I not work at this place of inspiration, hope and kindness?  I try and eat at restaurants that display my church’s sticker, to surround myself with people that I sense are Christians, to help my body and soul heal by only allowing kind and truthful people to get close to me.  I am so in tune with my body after going though everything the past two months, that my blood sugar literally doubles when I am talking with someone that isn’t truthful and pure.  Sounds crazy, but I journal everything so I know how I feel inside.

I want this dealership to be full of customers, so many that we will double the sales force.  For profit? Of course, even non-profit organizations have to run their operation like a business or they will have to close their doors some day.  There is nothing “bad” about a profit margin, the only thing wrong is NO profit margin! How can this dealership spread His word of hope and salvation if this dealership doesn’t survive?  The new salesforce will need training, nurturing and guidance, something that I want to be a part of along with many others who will help them learn.  The “old-timers” will share their commissions as they help the new people learn and grow.  If every sales person on the floor does well, the business will soar and we will have witnessed to every one that comes through that door.

I have come up with my own title, everyone too busy selling cars to give me one!  It is called Charitable Director.  I will also be an Internet Sales Manager because I am the self-proclaimed “Google Queen”, loving to research and analyze everything in the world.  As the Charitable Director, I will find organizations in the Phoenix valley that have one clear desire…to help others in need.  Simply that.  Nothing fancy.  Just in need of a helping hand, encouragement and love. The owner of this dealership, along with 14 others in California and here in Phoenix, has one goal in life.  Joe Cardinale wants to spread the goodness and love of Christ to his dealerships and to the customers that walk through the doors, and to help people in need, one person at a time.  While these gifts and donations of Joe’s will include charities and non-profit organizations, he also wants to help the individual person that just needs a hug and some encouragement.

We are putting the inspirational signs back up today at the dealership to show our customers that we truly “walk the talk.”  We will offer bible studies early on Sunday mornings for those staff members that freely want to attend.  We may not hit the Memorial Day weekend goals, but the showroom will be full of customers as we spread His word of love, kindness and trust.  THE most important things in life….and in a car dealership!

Smile and wave at someone…it just feels so good!

Rejoice Today!

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