I am a Proud Christian, Not Afraid to Offend

That is actually the theme of a new book by Dr. Os Guinness, a well known Christian author.  I heard his interview weeks ago, and have been hearing that phrase in my head all the time.  I knew it would eventually be in one of my posts but couldn’t figure out how to use it.  The Lord did and has been guiding me along all morning!

During the past six weeks since my surgery, I went through various phases of exaltation over my Recovery Room experience.  As my followers know, I wrote 50 pages on an I-phone/I-pad to talk about everything from the actual surgery, to my entire life story full of joy and pain.  This writing caused a lot of pain for my family, who are private people, not wanting me to be so vocal about everything.

As shown in many of my recent posts, it recently came to a critical point, when I almost died from a raging infection and I asked for a period of healing space and time, the four of us were just so enflamed with conflicting emotions.  For me, unending joy about The Lord.  For my husband, his fear and disbelief in the huge change in me.  For my mom, the doubt that the The Lord can truly just touch one person at a time, and for my son, just the fear that he was losing his “old” mom, this new one so strange, so foreign that he just didn’t recognize her.

They turned away from me and I was hurt, a devoted Christian that had to tell the whole world my side of the Story, wanting to be right, the good “new” Christian that was somehow better than the three of them.  After all, I had MY Lord by my side.  I have sinned against them all the past six weeks, just like they have in their lack of support and love for me.  They needed time to process the change, see the metamorphosis in my spiritual, emotional, intelictual and physical being. I didn’t give that to them…. I was standing on a mountain top, spreading my joy about the miracles that were happening to me every day.  I also needed to sit with them quietly, letting them just observe me when I am quiet, meditative and praying to the Lord.

I needed six weeks to heal and couldn’t sit still long enough to do it.  I was on a “joy mission” to share my enthusiasm of how the Lord can bring you such joy every day in who you meet, in what you experience. Of just being alive.  I want to apologize to my family and the Lord, for not being quiet enough for them to actually witness the change in me.  “Sins” come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and being too joyful can be a sin if it hurts other people.  More sage advice from my church counselor, Julie.

I am proud that I didn’t cave into Satan’s tempting offer of just going back to the same old Brenda that everyone felt more comfortable with, like a favorite pair of jeans, or slippers.  I am a proud Christian who is not afraid to offend anyone with my Christianity.  I can immediately sense if someone feels like I do, and I’ll mention the smallest of things, to crack open the door.  I am soon literally embraced by a loving and friendly Christian, who is also anxious to witness for The Lord.  If I don’t get that “feeling”, I just am friendly and say, “Have a good day.”

Hold your head up high if you are a proud Christian, carry a mug with your church logo on it, or put their sticker in your back window, hang an inspirational poster in your office, but better yet, stand up and say “I AM A PROUD CHRISTIAN, not afraid to offend anyone.”  You’ll be surprised by how few people you offend!

Rejoice Today!

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