What is a Friend?

How many friends do you have?  Have you known them from kindergarten or did you just meet them?  Is it the length of time you have known them or what exactly defines a friend.  Let’s start with the definition.  A friend is someone that gives assistance, who is on good terms with another and not hostile, who is concerned about the feelings of others and the relationship is exclusive of sexual or family members.  I don’t see anything about the length of time you have known someone that defines friendship.

We all need friends but how many of us go looking for friends on an average day?  I think most people think to themselves, “I have plenty of friends, who needs a few more today?  Some people think that their friends must have a special password to be admitted to their exclusive little social club.  Well, have I got some news for you folks that don’t have many friends…it is so easy, they are right in front of your face every single day.  So here is my story of meeting a dozen friends this week that is pretty exciting and hard to believe, so grab your cup of coffee or tea, and listen up to an amazing story of friendship.

I needed a new phone, so I went into a nearby Verizon office and many hours with Jesse, Chris and Sterling who helped me find the best deal and made sure that I had everything I needed.  Not only did they do their job efficiently, they showed kindness, concern and friendship.  What a rare thing in today’s business world.

The same day I met Kurt and Mary of Coldwell Banker who helped me find the nicest inexpensive furnished home I have ever seen that is just perfect for me, including a pool to keep me cool during these hot Phoenix summers.  I move into my new house in four weeks and it is in such good shape, that all I have to do is walk through the door, and I am right at home.  Bob, from Win Home Inspection said there is nothing wrong, and it is really is a great house at a super price.  I am feeling so happy!

Jesse suggested a couple of places to eat nearby, so I went next door and met John who owns Benny’s Burgers next to the Verizon store.  Here’s a snippet from one of the reviews, “John is a great guy who will do anything for you.”  He is that sort of guy, in fact he made up two meals for me already this week that were made for exactly what my body craves…healthy but fun.  I didn’t pick anything out, John just seemed to know by asking a couple of gentle questions.  He really loves making healthy food that people love to eat and he really cares about his business.  The man practically lives there, making sure everyone has everything they need.  Again, not something you see much in todays business world, certainly not from yucky fast-food chain restaurants.  John will cater my open house after I move into the new little place on Lainie Lane, cute huh?

The week kept kept getting better with a massage from Rachel, owner of Krave Therapeutic Massage. My poor old wounded body didn’t just need a massage, the skin has been stretched so tight, that it’s like cardboard.  In fact most of my pain was actually coming from the dry skin, not the incisions.  An hour later, and I felt like melted butter.  Rachel even shared with me several important things including buying some Porters shea butter lotion that helps with stretch marks, scars and dried out old skin!

The most amazing experience came from finding an honest auto dealership that is actually a family owned Christian business with numerous dealerships located in California and Arizona.  I walked in Wednesday late in the day, and asked to speak to the nicest and most patient sales staff they had.  I met Omer, John, Steve and Matt and I can tell you that they are great men to deal with and I did a survey stating it was the best car purchase experience I had every had.  I mentioned that the owner of the business must have a very clear and precise mission in his business; treat the customers fairly and honestly, don’t make it painful as it normally is at dealership, and fair and honest financing options….this one needs a little bit of work, but overall, they are a “10” in my book, Forever!!.  A business is only as strong and committed as it’s owner, and at Cardinale Way Mazda, every single employee has a smile on their face and is ready to jump right in and help you.  My leased Mazda is sitting in the garage in Denver, only 15 months into a 36 month lease, and they took care of everything for me, including picking up the car in Denver.  They didn’t even look at it, just trusted what I told them, and I drove off in the cutest red Mazda 3 last night, thanks to all my new friends at the Mazda dealership.  Thank you Omer for being honest and authentic.  I will love working with management and helping them make a few changes to make their business even stronger and very unique to the Arizona and California car dealership world.  Watch carefully, you are about to see their sales grow!

Lastly, a woman overheard me speaking about my Media story from Monday at my surgeon’s office.  I couldn’t see her, as I was back behind the door to the reception area.  She came running out to the car, just as I was getting to leave.  Rebecca indicated that she loved the story in the blog and that she had exciting news regarding a Christian based news outlet that is getting ready to launch in the east coast (can’t remember what town for sure) and she asked if I would be willing to listen to their ideas and give my input.  Are you kidding?  After having no family to talk to this week, I can now talk to the world?  Well, maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but you never know.

I would just like to thank my dozen new friends, Jesse, Chris and Sterling from Verizon, John from Benny’s Burgers, Kurt and Mary from Caldwell Banker, Bob from Win Home Inspections, Omer, Steve, Carlos, Matt of Cardinale Way Mazda and Rebecca, from some future Christian TV station.  You all treated me with respect and affection and gave me assistance and were not hostile to me.

Make new friends today that cross your path.

Rejoice Today!

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