Secrets to a Healthy Home

We never take the time to really look at our home around us, rushing to work, home again to cook dinner, then falling asleep on the sofa.  What if some Saturday morning, we woke up a bit early, made some coffee or tea and tried to make our home more healthy and happy?  This information will help you enjoy Saturday mornings at a whole different level in the future.

1) Your home must be like a space that hugs you and makes you feel safe and comfortable.  Color, lighting, furniture arrangement can impact your sleeping habits, energy levels and overall health.

2) Harmony, peace, tranquility.  Don’t turn on that blasting TV,  play your I-Tunes and only look at news stories on your tablet or smart phone that really interest you. It can lower your blood pressure and set the scene for a more relaxed life.

3) Keep your house clean.  85 percent of the dirt in our homes comes from our shoes.  Place doormats outside and inside your front door, then wipe your shoes and take them when you come inside.  Keep your indoor air healthy by choosing nontoxic cleansers, such as Method’s line found at Target.

4) Make your house a greenhouse.  Plants can filter out formaldehyde and VOCs released by mattresses and other furnishings.  Open up the windows for at least 30 minutes a day to circulate out germs and stale air.

5) Clutter collects dirt and dust, adds stress to your life and makes you gain weight.   Researchers at the University of Chicago found that living with clutter makes you tired, and that fatigue can up the appetite-stimulating hormone cortisol so much that you can eat an extra 200 to 1,000 calories a day.

6) Grow Green! Growing some of your own food—or even just looking at something green and growing—can reduce stress, blood pressure, and numerous disease risks.  There is nothing like tip-toeing onto your patio and seeing a few new cherry tomatoes growing in your pot.

7)  Be comfortable and happy in your home.   It doesn’t matter how small or big your home is, it’s the feeling you get when you walk in the door. Does your home reflect you and the way you live?

8)  Keep it light and bright.    Natural light is healing to the mind, body, and soul. Take down those dirty window coverings, wave to your neighbors you never see and let your light shine in!

9) Be unconventional.  Only use that stuffy dining room once or twice a year?  Empty spare bedroom? Turn that space into a exercise and/or meditation retreat or a family home theater.

10) Truly “Welcome” your friends when they come for a visit.   Get rid of that nasty dirty brown “welcome” mat and replace it with something fun, bright and red!  Fix the legs on that wobbly entry table or get one big enough to hold the mail and stuff from work.

Simple steps to make a happy, healthy home.

Rejoice Today!

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