Turn Off Your TV and The Media Will Change their Focus

I was listening to an episode of Speak Easy, with Harry Belafonte and Carlos Santana which originally aired on December 14 of last year.  It was a great discussion and at times a debate, about spiritual beliefs, race issues in the US, and the power that just one note can evoke and most importantly the culture of fear inherent in today’s media.

Santana has very strong beliefs on everything that surrounds him.  His core belief, or essence is that you must have a balance between Equality, Fairness and Justice. For him to accomplish this every day, he has very high principles that do not ever change to make someone comfortable with him.  In fact, he stated that when someone is angry at you, you are doing everything the right way.

He uses his music to provoke us, to pay attention and to draw us away from the “clutter of CNN, Fox, NBC” (let’s collectively call them “Big Networks”.   Santana and Mr. Belafonte believe that the current race relationship problem that we are experiencing in the US, is due to the Big Networks making us fearful of change.  Did Ferguson, Missouri really need to bring out that much “protection” when people only wanted to be heard?  Yes, there were a few demonstrators that put on an especially good show for the Big Networks that we all got sucked into, but did they ever focus on the quiet folks just asking for compassion and love.  No, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease with the Big Networks.

Santana and I have many things in common that we are passionate about but one really struck a chord…..literally a chord.  He believes that playing the right chord on one of his many guitars, or a piano, or a voice, or maybe my wind chime out back, can cause you to stop listening to Big Networks for 30 minutes a day, think peaceful thoughts and together we can bring world peace, one step, one note at a time.

Turn off that TV and listen to any music of your choice.  Think peaceful, gentle and positive thoughts and hug those around you just a bit more.

Rejoice Today!

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