Take Charge of Your Heath Today….Please!

Our individual bodies require different levels of protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins.  The only true way to understand what our individual needs are, is to be part of a Complimentary and Alternative Medicine System that looks at your health in a completely different way.  Rather than the traditional, “Stand in line, Take a number please,” and then meet with your primary care physician for an average visit time of 7.5 minutes, I just met with my new CAM physician, Dr. Turner of MDVIP for two hours reviewing the results of the various intensive, but free tests that will be repeated every year for the rest of my life, part of my $137.50 per month fee that I pay to have a personal, highly professional medical team working with me.

So what is CAM or Integrated Medicine?  This is not something new, it’s been around about 15 years, not long after huge medical companies and hospitals gobbled up individual primary care physician’s practices.  The physician’s took the bait, grabbed a big “Bonus” and merely became an employee of their own practice, no longer the owner.  What about when the new boss wants them to work more for the same amount of money?  Where once a family doctor had 400 patients, PC docs now have an average of 4,000, thus the average 7.5 minutes per visit.  In Canada, you can only address one issue at a time….have a cold and you are worried you might have skin cancer?  Pick one and return in 6 weeks.  This is socialized medicine, NOT Obamacare.  For those of you that don’t support Obamacare, do some research and then contact me at my email to discuss.  The media and “Big Pharm” have done a great job convincing all you Doubters that this plan doesn’t work, but it does, it really does, you just have to know how to use it effectively.  We are spending $10K less in health insurance a year living in Phoenix than in Denver and yet we have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and it costs me $10 to go see a regular primary care type of doctor of $20 for a specialist or a whopping $75 if I need and ER visit from the first day of coverage. And I have a personal, at my call any of hour of the day or night physician, Dr. Turner, who is so concerned about my recent procedure and how I am progressing, that he wants to see my cute little face every two weeks.

So are there many health organizations that are using the “CAM” approach. Most of the “Top 20 Hospitals in the US are practicing it and have been for many years.  Many of the well respected world famous medical facilities such as Duke University, Childen’s Hosptials, University of California-San Francisco, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University and MDVIP (of which Dr. Turner is a partner)  now understand the importance of using a more holistic or integrated approach to medicine, or “CAM”.  This isn’t an either/or type of medical plan, these plans rely on Eastern and Western medical procedures, such as the traditional “Big Pharm” approach, but also includes Acupuncture, Massage, Naturapathic Medicine and really looks at you as in individual, not a statistic.  I have a few examples from my test results that should convince you.  If they don’t, contact me and I will try and turn you from a Doubter to a Believer!

Dr Turner, through MDVIP, sends off an hour’s worth of sophisticated tests to the top, most well respected medical partners in the US, as mentioned above.  Rather than just measure cholesterol as traditional doc’s like to do, they break it into many more sub-sets of tests.  These tests don’t just look at where you are right now, but where your heart health could be in 10 years or more.  This is a PRO-ACTIVE medical practice, or future planning tool, not just where we came from the past ten years.  Traditional doctors thought I needed cholesterol meds, but in reality my heart health is fabulous!  No more Simvastatin, which causes all kinds of other problems for most people.

How about the glucose levels of mine?  The ones I wanted to get rid of through surgery, not just physically look better, but actually “cure myself” of the dreaded diabetes.  My A1C tests showed I was still a bit high, by my new doc said he never would have put me on insulin, the results weren’t high if you looked at the rest of my health picture and insulin causes many, many other problems.  No more Glipizide or Lantus Insulin, for this little chickie!  No more “Big Pharm” at all..

How about the rest of my body?  Kidneys, hearing, vision (the internal dangerous stuff, not if you need glasses), BMI, ohhhh the dreaded Body Mass Index?  Well, it’s pretty amazing for sure!  Everything is perfect inside this 60 year old woman, much more so than the average member of MDVIP.  As you become a member, you do a very detailed survey of your health online and they immediately show the results an what you can do to improve the results.  My personal assessment came up to 86, versus the nationwide average of 68.  My actual results from the hour’s worth of tests?  It’s higher yet!  I was given one suggestion, limit the simple carbs and eat one more fruit or green veggie a day.  What?  I am OFF all my “Big Pharm” meds, including the Levoxacin, because there are natural supplements that work more effectively with thyroid issues.  The only supplements that he wants me to take?  A multi-vitamin, and 2 vitamin D’s a day.  That….is…..all.

Now for the amazing final results of the hateful BMI results. The normal physician’s calculation would have said I was still morbidly obese, but not the new CAM tests from Dr. Turner.  Far from it… I have 112 pounds of lean muscle in my body, 29 pounds of fat, 15 pounds of “inter cellular fluid”, and 35 pounds of fluid floating “extra cellularly” from the results of my inner tube of hematoma’s or bruises that circle my abdomen.  Once that fluid is gone, I will look much better, but the results right now, this very minute?  If you calculate my percentage of fat (29 pounds) to my overall weight even now, with the extra 34 pounds of fluid?  I am in the “Athlete” category, the most “FIT” of them all.   I am now a lean, mean, fighting machine!  And such a happy one at that.  I cried when Dr. Turner told me the results…tears from years of feeling fat, not fit.

My gift to you is free today and you can take your time accepting it, but don’t waste a minute of your life any more.  Look for an MDVIP (no I am not a sponsor, just a happy patient), or another type of CAM physician today.  Review your heath insurance and the type of doctor you have currently.  If they don’t perform the “fluffy versus dense” calculation on your cholesterol, find another doctor.  Contact me at “praisethelordofmyown@gmail.com” if you need my help!

Take Charge of Your Health this Very Minute!


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