Invest in Your Life

There are lots of ways we can invest in our lives.  I’ve been saving since I was 36 years old, always putting $200 a month into an investment account where it was automatically buying tiny amounts of mutual funds.  This advice was from a partner at a CPA firm where I worked as a business planner that would look into the future of businesses and develop a plan for their future growth.  CPA’s can only review the past, but as an independent contractor, I was free to look far into their future, a very pleasurable career that grew to be very successful.

During the next 14 years, i accumulated a lot of savings, but i wastefully spent a lot of money on fancy houses, cars, jewelry, and giving away a lot of cash gifts to family members that really didn’t end up helping them, because they didn’t nurture and grow.  You cannot just throw money at a problem and assume it will fix it.  Nope, might as well put it into your savings account or better yet, contribute it to some worthy causes.

About 8 years ago, the world tumbled into a recession along with my consulting career and the Hubby’s banking career.  My career carried us over the next year, but it was really painful with lots of stress and sleepless nights.  In 2007 the Hubby found a new and barely started Doggy Daycare & Boarding facility in Denver.  We took some of the savings, bought a business that wasn’t making ends meet, and off we went into owning your own business…the dream that we all want when we are working for the “Big Guy”.  Wow, that was a shocker!  Get up at 5:15 am, get home by 7:30 pm, work every holiday season for 12 days straight, lots of cleaning up you know what and learning to love all those thousands of pups that visited us over the next 7 years.  I did the customer service, a huge change from being someone that only worked with client and their banks, in hopes of meeting their future business goals. And the Hubby, well he loved every single little “furry friend” that walked through that door.

Two weeks after the purchase in 2007, I wanted to kill the Hubby….what happened to my fancy clothes…why did I wear jeans 24/7, even on the holidays?  After 7 years, I realized it was the best business investment we had every made.  Not only did we love all the pups and their wonderful owners, we doubled our profits every single year and sold it last year for enough money to retire early at 59.  The Hubby still grieves daily for his pals, and I went through the lowest, deepest pit of despair following the sale last June.  You see, in the signing of those papers, the Hubby and I had lost 1,000 of our closest friends, canine and humane.

It wasn’t until we came to Phoenix, three months ago, that we began to live again and realize that we were living in the spa paradise world of Phoenix, and yes we know about the summers!  We found our new wonderful church, we are meeting friends here in Phoenix, and are still in touch with our Denver friends and customers.  We feel alive and FREE, the one thing you never are when you own a dog kennel/daycare facility.

For those of you that have been tagging along with my Journey, you know about my weight loss, exercise and the Body Contouring surgery of 8 weeks ago.  None of you know what happened yesterday except for some immediate family and friends.

My investment during the past 55 years of struggling with weight, exercise, counting this and that, taking six medications and supplements is all over.  My new primary care physician, Dr. Turner of the nation wide MDVIP concierge medical services, spent two hours with me yesterday to review tons of tests that have never been taken before at any other of my primary care physicians.  This was all “no charge”, part of the concierge services with this new kind and thoughtful physician, now a friend I will have until one of us leaves…..and it isn’t going to be very soon for me, according to the “Doc”.  I had taken in a dozen supplements to ask him about, thinking that my poor painful body needed some extra TLC.  “Take them all back to Sprouts, just take a multi-vitimin and a D capsule everyday.  Further, go off the few meds you have left and even try a natural supplement for your thyroid.” A tiny thought raced through my head, “Is my health so bad it doesn’t really matter?”  Be honest, isn’t it our nature to assume the worst and never expect the best?

The news was crazy good, everything was right with the world, no more insulin, medications, no more counting of anything, just eat lots of lean proteins, and eat or drink lot of green veggies with a bit of fruit.  Doc said if he could put us all on an island, we could cure ourselves of Diabetes.  I didn’t have to go to an Island or to a weight loss clinic.  I invested in my health, one day at at a time.  He said he was shocked with the results and I still can’t believe it.  The icing on the cake?  His BMI machine said that 34% of my body mass was a result of the hemotomas circling the inside of my circular incision….lots and lots of bruises and fluid that will slowly re-absorb in my body.  His prediction for my weight in 6 -8 months or so?  About 120-130 pounds, this a person who used to weigh 285 at my heaviest weight when my dad passed away 20 years ago.

Invest in Your Life, in all ways, financially, physical health, mental health and inspiration.


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