Music Makes Us Happy

Speech alone, stripped of any meaning, never inspires us.  But add the notes of a song, and the speaker can be talking about declining interest rates and rising costs, and all of a sudden a smile is on your face and you are ready to start swaying to the music.  Music wakes us with our alarm clocks, fills our cars with joyful songs, gives us chills when we hear a violin play a soft, lilting melody, or like recently at the Easter services at the Cardinal Football Stadium, when the immense drum corp marched across the stage and filled the hearts of 55,000 worshippers with the passion and intensity of their music.  I almost held my breath in awe, as the gifted musicians filled the massive stadium with inspirational rhythm that practically shook the massive supports that held the roof above our heads.

Each week, I will listen to Pop, Rock, Christian Rock and Old Christian Hymns until I find the song that I found myself humming all week.  I am sharing this song with you as a gift from my soul, my musical soul that is always joyful and carefree when I listen to music, no matter how much I am hurting physically and mentally inside.

I have listed the first part of the lyrics to Brandon Heath’s “No Turning Back.”  The I-Tunes ID is, or you can just type in the name of the song.

No Turning Back
I have decided, I called out his name, I’m following Jesus now and
He knows the way, I made up my mind, I leave it behind.
No turning back, no turning back, I’m moving on, not looking back.
I’m giving him all that I have, No turning back, no turning back.
Though I may wander, I am not lost, So many distractions,
But I look to the cross, I made up my mind, I leave it behind.

This is a beautiful song that I hope you will listen to even if it’s just the free part on I-tunes.   You can also Google it and listen to it online for free.  I won’t always be sharing Christian Rock, but it’s a new delightful joy I’m experiencing, so just humor me and listen to it, OK?

Let yourself by Happy Today!


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