The Celebration of Nature and Art

I recently saw a picture on Facebook that a staff member of the Oregon Bureau of Land Management had taken of Warren Wetlands at sunset.  It looked so much like an abstract painting that I had to carefully stare at it until I could see the rays of sunlight shining through the clouds and the tall water grass along the shore.  We have been collecting inexpensive art over the years and as a result, we have both grown in our love and appreciation for artists that use a style that allows us to see past the abstract methods into the beauty of some natural setting.  We have a panel, or a Triptych of a scene from sunrise through the sunset just before the last shadows of the day.  It has always been on board for each of our 7 moves in the last 15 years.  It will be making one more final trip, part of our move to Phoenix as we prepare for what we hope to be the end of our restless, nomadic, career-motivated moves.

There is a big difference with this move.  We will be selling anything that doesn’t have a true and special meaning for us.  The Triptych is being replaced by a $50 framed canvas of the print showing behind the header of this story, or the wetlands.  We hope that the sale of all unnecessary material, will allow us the freedom to take trips to visit the grandkids, or to participate in mission trips helping build houses in Rocky Point, Mexico or the really blessed trip to visit Warren Wetlands, about 2 hours south and west of Portland.

Warren Wetlands will be where the soul of my youngest son Justin will be scattered in the air as we celebrate the Art of Nature that surrounds us with joy.

Celebrate where creative imagination and the wild living world collide.  Art and Nature.


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