The Joy of Being Fit

On July 16, 1955, just 4 months after I was born, The President’s Council on Youth was founded to encourage American children to be healthy and active, after a study indicated that American youths were less physically fit than European children, by then President Eisenhower.  Over 50 years later and the statistics are even worse.  Almost 60% of American children cannot pass the physical fitness tests used during grade school, while only 9% of European kids fail the test.

That is horrible news for the future of our Nation.  Not only will this weakness keep these children from experiencing a life filled with the joy of riding a bike, running down a hill, or swimming in a community pool, it will keep them from living up to their full life’s potential.  Where will our leaders come from?  What will happen to healthcare if 60% of our “un-fit” kids grow into even more “un-fit” older adults, struggling with weight and body image issues?

So what is Physical Fitness?  Is is defined as the state of general well being, physically sound and healthy, along with mental stability.  That sounds a lot like what I discussed in my “One Day at a Time Post” back on April 25. We must achieve a balance between mindful eating, conscious exercise and awareness of our overall physical and mental health to be “Physically Fit”, or “Fit” going forward.

Physical Fitness is considered a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypo-kinetic diseases, to be able to handle emergency situations.  The final part of this balance is having passion and purpose in your life.  Research shows that the average human being will live 8 years less, due to a lack of purpose in their lives.

Go out and buy that journal i keep reminding you about, write about what you feel passionate about.  Discover new ideas about how to squeeze in some physical activity every day.  Volunteer with an organization that will bring great joy to you while helping out a really worthy organization.  And throw on those tennis shoes and go for a short walk today, with a bit longer one tomorrow and the next day.

The Joy of Being Fit

Rejoice Today!

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