Sunday or Sabbath

For most Christians, Sunday is known as a day of worship and rest. I worship every moment of the day, in my car, in the closet, in the shower, and at Penney’s.  The resting part….well, I am still working on that.

I will not be posting any stories on the Sabbath.  It’s time for my rest.

I want to apologize for sending out numerous picture updates on Facebook last night.  It was suggested that the Blog was all about me, which it definitely IS.  After all it is my story of Re-Birth.  And I got tired of seeing my picture as the thumbnail of the Blog, so now my cover picture is a copy of my new “business” card that I designed with a LOT of help from the Lord.  I pass these out to people who seem receptive, and they are always happy to take one and a few more for their friends.

Praise the Lord of My Own

Rejoice Today!

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