Is Kanye West a Christian?

I have tried to dial down my happiness and enthusiasm since starting on my Journey of Re-Birth exactly two weeks ago.  People look at me curiously, worried that my head is going to spin and I’ll be spewing green gunk.  In the process of getting the Blog ready, with the nightly marathons of non-stop writing for a few days, I have managed to push away all four of my closest family members.  My relatives from afar seem to be embracing the new me, maybe because they don’t have to see my head spinning around.

In my excitement to start the Blog, so I could stop with the nights of endless blather, I was asked during the Blog set up if I wanted to connect it to Facebook and Gmail.  Wow!  How easy this will be to send out to my whopping 37 friends and family.  Seconds later, I realized that included in that count, were a few of my business contacts and was so embarrassed.  Can you believe that after only 18 hits on the Blog, one of my business contacts proclaimed, “Praise the Lord”, not afraid to show his faith publicly.  I almost cried tears of joy and relief!  My chi felt warm and comfortable.

So what about yesterday’s teaser about Kanye West, you might wonder? His tough guy attitude make him hard to like or even watch at award shows.  However, he professes to be a Christian, recently stating, “I am a married Christian man with a family.” His song from 2005 called “Heard ‘Em Say”, includes a powerful message about The Lord and the Devil.  I modified the following lyrics from the original rap song; “Me and Grandma keep praying and keep believing in Jesus and one day you’ll see him, until they walk in his footsteps and try to be him. The Devil is alive and I feel him breathing, claiming money is the key, so keep on dreaming…there is no promise of today or tomorrow.  But we’ll keep believing.”  Sounds like a Christian to me, but I’ll leave the Lord to the judgement part.

There are numerous other performing artists and famous sports figures that are quite vocal in their beliefs and seem comfortable doing so.  No one is looking at them and watching for their heads to spin.  They have chosen to use their God-given talents to witness for The Lord and speak freely about their born again Christian beliefs, such as the actress Jane Fonda, the comedian Chris Tucker, the golfer Bubba Watson, the singer and composer, Bob Dylan, the actor and comedian Mickey Rooney, the rap star and actor, Mr. T, the young star from Two Men and a Boy, Angus T. Jones, and the singer, Alice Cooper.

I recently attended the awe-inspiring Easter services put on by a local mega church here in Phoenix at the Cardinal Football Stadium.  Yes, the same stadium where the Super Bowl had been played just 2 months prior to this special Easter service. You could feel the anticipation of the audience, being entertained by the church’s funny videos, beautiful pictures and their music that moves your soul so deeply that you want to sing out loud.  The excitement was building in anticipation of the actual message from the head pastor, when the stage crew carried out a small round table and 3 chairs onto the immense stage.  The pastor and the two quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals, Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton walked out and sat down at this table.  The pastor asked them questions about their Christianity and the two famous sports figures gave very thoughtful answers to the entire stadium of 55,000 souls, but especially to the high school students sitting right below them on the main floor.  They said that although both had suffered serious injuries at the beginning of last years football season, they never doubted or a moment that this was the Lord’s will and they never questioned him at all.  That is how they had lived their lives since young students in school.  What a witness for those high school students getting ready to leave for college, and who might be tempted to leave their Christianity back home with their family.  The message was lovely and I prayed that it touched many souls that day.  This church has been completely full the past two weekends, with many Christians joining the wonderful church that gratiously gives people such joy and peace.

I am a proud member of this church and recently joined just a few months ago.  I received a call yesterday from the volunteer coordinator saying that I had been chosen to be a children’s center greeter.  Tears of joy welled up in my throat as I thought of my young son that passed away only 4 years ago, and that I still grieve for today.  I am also missing my two adorable little grandkids back in Denver so much, that its almost unbearable at times.  What a wonderful blessing had been given to me by The Lord.  Right at a point in my new Christian life where I am excited and joyful, but sad and lonely from the loss of my small and wonderful family.

I attended a grief class last night at the church and half way through I had to leave because I knew that the people attending this class had lost the physical being of a loved one…I have only lost the love of my earthly family for now.  I have great faith that The Lord has a plan for me and for my loving family.

Praise the Lord of My Life

Rejoice Today!

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