The Story of my Re-Birth

This is a re-post of the first article dated April 19, 2015.

This is the story about the past few weeks of my life and the most amazing experience I have ever had.  One of such epic proportions, that I began writing madly at night for the past week, during tremendous pain that kept me from sleeping.  I wrote almost 50 pages on a mini I-pad over the course of 4 nights!  This began the day after an 8 hour surgery that is helping me complete my personal transformation after losing a lot of weight over the past 5 years since my youngest son died.

The amazing part of this writing spree, is that I have been a strategic business consultant for over twenty years, The “Queen of Excel”, as some of my clients have called me.  My husband will carefully write out a poetic note on a separate sheet of paper, then transfer it to a greeting card before mailing it to a friend or family member.  I stare at the card trying to figure out where to start and finally scribble, “Have a Good Day!”  The right hand side of my brain has been asleep for the past 60 years and is now wide awake and I just can’t stop writing.

photo 2So the story begins of my Re-Birth and what I experienced in the recovery room following this very difficult procedure less than two weeks ago.  I hope that you will join me on this journey of inspiration and motivation.  I believe that The Lord is guiding my writing and I truly hope to bring inspiration into my readers lives.

Please read my Blog Prayer that I have posted as well and pray that I remain honest and pure as we start this journey together.

Rejoice Today!

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